Eagan Farm
Underhill Center, VT

Like the Glenn Skiff farm, this was another brief area on the side of Mt. Mansfield.  The following is a direct quote from "Mansfield-The Story of Vermont's Loftiest Mountain."

"Ski activitiy meanwhile was also occurring on the Eagan Farm just east of Underhill Center.  No tows were ever built at the Halfway House area but in 1937 a 1000 foot rope tow was constructed on a site at this farm which had been scouted out by another of Stowe's emerging ski development principals, Sepp Ruschp.  In addition there was a warming shelter and later the slopes were lighted for night skiing.  In the late 1930's and during the 1940/1941 season these combined mountain and valley facilities were the site of several ski meets sponsored by the University of Vermotn Outing Club, including at least two major inter-collegiate affairs."

"At this stage the Underhill development was similar to Stowe's-and perhaps even better as many skiers preferred the open slopes which Underhill was offering.  And its sponsors-initially the Underhill Winter Sports Club and later the Underhill-Jericho Ski Club had visions of ski trains from New York and Boston giving their area the same boost Stowe was getting.  But it was not to be. With World War II the operation was abandoned."

But this area did come back to life, this time as the Underhill Ski Bowl.  Details on that can be found here.

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