Glenn Skiff Farm
Cambridge/Jeffersonville, VT

The best way to describe this ski area comes from the book "Mansfield: The Story of VT's Loftiest Mountain".  I'll directly quote the passage from that book.

"Credit for the first ski tow in the Mansfield area rests not with individuals in either Stowe or Underhill but to a Jeffersonville man, Wesley Pope.  In preparation for the 1935-1936 season Pope built his own 1000 foot long tow using a 1927 Cadillac engine for the motive power.  His description for the writer continues: 'It was a baled-hay wire job which I dreamed up out of my own head.  It was set up on a south facing hillside on the Glenn Skiff Farm on Rte. 15 between Jeffersonville and Cambridge village.  The location was a big mistake, at least for that winter.  It was a slope where there wasn't any snow and I didn't take in a nickel.  The following spring I rolled up the rope up on a big reel and stored everything away.' "

So it looks like this area was ready to go but never opened.  This tow eventually became the first rope tow at the Stowe ski area, helping it propel into stardom.

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