The Gully
Woodstock, VT
Late 1930's-Before 1948

This was more of an access point than anything else. A Vermont Life article from the Winter of 1983 describes how Bunny Bertram, the founder of Suicide Six. This was the area that he moved out of after Gilbert's Hill. After moving there, Bertram opened a new area just over the ridge called Suicide Six which is still open. A trail there bears the same of the Gully. Skiers would ski The Gully to also get to Suicide Six.

Here's a description of that tow (it was called Suicide Tow here)

The Suicide Six Tow is reached by taking the right turn at Pine Tree Fork to South Pomfret. This tow carries skiers to the top of the hill and enables them to reach the more moderate slopes and the ski lodge on the other side of the hill. These lesser slopes, 3 in number, are all equipped with tows. The lodge may also be reached by taking the left fork and proceeding 1 1/2 miles, then turning at the markers.

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