Hartford School District
White River Jct, VT

According to VT Tramway reports, the Hartford school district operated 2 rope tows in White River Junction from 1973 to 1975. Little other information is available. If you remember this area, please let us know.

J. Duclos had some info to share:
"It is behind the high school next to the interstate. I haven't been there since the late 80's but you can see a slope (although overgrown) and there was a warning sign for the tow. if I'm not mistaken there is a jump behind the hockey rink too. I can't remember the dead end street I used to get there (pierce maybe?) but there are numerous walking trails behind t he school that take you there."

Here's the approximate location of the area, behind the school. Not much to see, but there are some cleared areas that could have been the area.

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