Lincoln Tow
Lincoln, VT


According to VT Tramway reports, "Lincoln Sports" operated an 800' rope tow in Lincoln, VT starting in 1975. The area was quite brief, and had closed in 1977.

Thanks to Matthew Boulanger, we know a bit more of this ski tow that once operated in Lincoln. 

"There is an area that we all referred to as "the Lincoln Ski Tow" in the town of Lincoln just up the road from Bristol. The base is practically in Lincoln Center and there is one trail, probably over 500 vertical feet. It is a popular sledding hill and to my knowledge it is owned by the town and managed by some sort of a town recreation department. You can still see some of the wheel rims and telephone poles. About 8 years ago I helped clear brush there as a part of a community service project, and I was under the impression that there was talk of putting a tow back in, but alas it never happened. Still, there is hope."

Does anybody else remember this ski area?

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