Morse Farm
East Montpelier, VT

Mid 1960's

Thanks to F. Costello, we first heard of this area operated in East Montpelier on County Road. 

We then heard from Doug Westin, who talked to Ed Hartman about the area. Here's Ed's info which pretty much tell the entire story of Morse Farm:

Morse Farm, County Road, East Montpelier, Vermont, operated in the mid-1960s. Not a large enterprise, the single rope tow was designed by master V.W. mechanic and current movie actor Elliot “Punk” Morse. The ski area was located on the farm of highly respected East Montpelier citizens, Mr. & Mrs. Harry Morse Sr. Mrs. Morse is the daughter of celebrated VT governor and U.S. Senator George Aiken. 

Operated largely as a community service, this Lost VT Ski Area featured a longer than average rope tow powered by a gasoline engine. Gear reduction was achieved by multiple automotive transmissions mounted in line. 

One of the best skiers on the hill was Harry “Burr” Morse Jr. who currently owns and operates the Morse Farm Sugar Shack retail business located less than a mile from the site of the former ski area.  

Does anyone else remember this ski area? If so, email us!

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