Mt. Aeolus
East Dorset, VT
Late 1930's - 1942

This small ski area, though it only operated until WWII, was historically important.  It was one of Fred Pabst's ski areas, the founder of Bromley.  Mt. Aeolus offered skiing on one of the earliest J-bars in New England, and had a decent drop of 600 feet.  I believe that Pabst closed this area and focused on Bromley.

(Skier's Guide to New England)
10 miles of trails and 250 acres of slopes
2600 foot J-bar with 600 foot vertical drop

(Ski Trails in the East and How to Find Them)
Mt. Aeolus Trail, located in nearby East Dorset, a short distance by US 7, is accessible only by the ski tow. It is 5 miles long; 20 to 30 feet wide; maximum grade, 25 degrees; descent 800 feet; elevation, 2400 feet. Rating, intermediate to expert.

The J-bar is described as being the longest in the East, at 2500 feet long.

(Complete Skier's Guide)
Cable tramway (J-bar), good snow.

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