Peacham Slopes
Peacham, VT

 The Peacham Ski Area was a typical small, community one with a 700 foot rope tow. The vertical drop was no more than 150 feet, but the slopes were fairly steep. The area is located on the Danville/Peacham Road, on the right hand side as you head southward into Peacham. It operated from the 1960's into 1976, closing after that season according to the VT Tramway reports.
In the early 1970's, this is how the area looked. Thanks to Andy Dufresne for this pic, who got it from a Time-Life book! Compare this pic to the one below.
NELSAPPER Betsy McDonough helped confirm my original thoughts on where this area was located. We found it in November of 1999. Here's a photo of the area. You can see that the slopes are very overgrown and are hardly noticeable.
Here's the Terraserver image of the area. You can see the main slopes.

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