Portland-Lincoln PTA
St. Johnsbury, VT

Late 1950's-1970
The Portland Lincoln PTA of St. Johnsbury built a small ski area behind the Lincoln School around 1958. The ski area operated with a 400' rope tow and served mainly local school children, as the slope was quite small. The area closed in 1970, probably due to its size and the expanding nearby Burke Mountain.

Here's an overhead view of the area, late 1990's. Notice how its growing in, but still visible.

Thanks to Betsy McDonough who pointed this one out to NELSAP! Here's some photos of a trip to the ski area made in the middle of November, 1999.
The view of the ski area from the bottom of the slope. The rope tow line was off in the trees on the left. Notice that the area has grown in some, but not as much as other areas of its age.

The view from the top looking down. You can see how short the slope was!


Betsy McDonough standing next to one of the old rope tow towers.


A close up of one of the rope tow towers. You can see one of the lights for night skiing.

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