Rochester Tow
Rochester, VT

Late 1930's - ?

Although it is unknown how long this ski area operated for (it was definitely closed by 1969), there is some information on it. Apparently, it was best known for its jump. Here are some details on this ski area:

(Ski Trails in the East and How to Find Them)
The village has several trails and practice slopes, offering good downhill skiing. The summits may be reached by automobile or bus. The area contains terrain suitable for novice and expert skiers. A 70 meter jump and 1200 foot ski tow are reached from the town by proceeding 2 1/4 miles north on VT 100, which is well paved. A first aid station is located in the vicinity.

One NELSAP reader has heard of it. Here are his details:

Tucker Cruikshank: I was interested in your account of the Rochester Ski Tow. I remember hearing stories about it from people who skied it. The 70 meter jump was off a rock outcropping which is still visible. It was a completely natural formation which just happen to make a great ski jump. I remember hearing stories about some of the better jumpers in the U.S. coming to Rochester just to jump because is was a great spot. The land this area was on is now property of the Vermont Land Trust.

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