Rutland Recreation Ski Area
Rutland, VT
Late 1940's-1976

According to VT Tramway Reports, Rutland Recreation operated a 600' rope tow in Rutland at the Rutland Country Club on Grove Street from before 1970-1976. 

A couple NELSAP readers had some information to share with us:

B. Bender
I have some additional information on the Rutland rope tow. It was located at the golf course on Grove Street in Rutland. It must have been open in the early sixties. I was born in 1956, and I'm sure I skied there much younger than 10, although I couldn't tell you just how young. I suspect it was open as early as 1960 as I never recollect it not being there."

Kevin Costello:
I grew up in Rutland and remember having my gloves ripped to shreds as a kid.  The rope tow was at the Rutland Country Club on the sliding hill that is still used today.  I remember it in the early 70s.  I love your web site.

P. Linnemayr
"The Rutland Recreation Tow was set at the Rutland Country Club.  I skied there as a child in the late 1940's and early 1950's"

Does anyone else have any further information? If so, email us!

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