Town and Country Motor Lodge
Stowe, VT

Mid 1960's - 1970

Thanks to NELSAP reader Brian Lindner, we now know more details about this ski area that operated in Stowe. Here's his details which describe the area best:

"Now here's a very obscure one for you.  If you want to list a truly LOST ski area...the Town and Country Motel about 3/4 mile north of Stowe on RTE 108 was once the home of the only Playboy Bunny Club in Vermont and the owner had $$$ to spare.

He had 1000's of yards of fill trucked in and dumped on the lawn between the motel and RTE 108.  I recall that it had about a 30' vertical drop.  On that monster pile of dirt, the owner installed a lift.  I remember it with 3 or 4 Robin's egg blue towers.  It was a t-bar, and was a manufactured lift, not homemade.

The time frame was the early to mid-1960's.  I don't recall the lift being there for more than 1 or 2 seasons.  The lift soon vanished and the pile of dirt is long gone.  This "ski area" has truly been lost.

The owner was the same guy that brought in tractor trailer loads of snow (from New York) and had them dumped on the lawn during a particularly dry winter in the 1960s."

And according to the VT Tramway reports, the area had a 344' T-bar and closed around 1970.

Anybody ski here and want to tell the world about it?

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