Whirl Away Ski

1940's -1950's

Thanks to K. Lamson, we know have some information about the Whirl Away Ski Area in Chelsea.

"I got your web site from a recent edition of "The Burlington Free Press," and got on this morning to check it briefly.  I know of another lost ski area in Vermont.  In the late 1940's/early 1950's the town of Chelsea, Vermont had a ski area called Whirl Away Ski.  My father was one of the original stockholders and as I recall, came up with the name of it.  I remember my mother saying that she wanted to invest in the town's new grocery store, but my father thought the ski area would do better.  They invested a small amount in the ski area, which went out of business, and the grocery store is still there!

It was a rope tow at the southern end of the village.  My father took a home movie of it in operation.  I probably still have the movie in the collection of things that I inherited.

I'm sure there are many people in Chelsea who remember it.  As I recall, one person in the movie that my father made was Fred Cahill, the local barber, who I think is still there."

Does anyone else remember this one?

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