Wildwood Valley
Morgan Center, Vermont


Although we don't have too much info on this area, we have found out a few things.  Several people from the surrounding are of Morgan Center have helped me research, but there is basically little to know about this area.  Mainly because it only operated from 1967 to 1970  (The Colorado Skier, VT Tramway Reports)  There was a lodge which apparently burned.  There were two trails or so, served by a 1082' T-bar and 550' rope tow. The T-bar had a capacity of 1200 skiers per hour.

I did visit the area in April, 1998, but there is little left.  One house that could have been a base lodge still stands.  The trails are still clear, and a packer lies across the road.  But this is it!  The road up to the ski area is long, narrow, and dirt, and is WELL removed from any highways.  Apparently this was a local only ski area!

Here's a view of the area from above, late 1990's.

Funny story, apparently the day I visited it in 1998, John and Linda Osgood were there too! I remember a car pulling out of the lot there that didn't look like owners of the property. Some of the following photos are from John and Linda.

While there, they were able to actually turn the T-bar to make it move!  Here's their description of the lift:

"The lift is in excellent condition, no bullet holes, and the running gear and the hangers (T's) are still on the lift, but they are in poor shape.  I grabbed hold of the driver clutch and could turn the lift by hand.  The engine was a four cylinder, gas job identical to the lift at Oxbow mt."

A house near the old base lodge. (Jeremy Davis)

Bill Alexander has some more info here: My name is Bill Alexander and I used to live on Wildwood Valley Road in Morgan, VT. back in the 70's. The original lodge at the Wildwood Valley Ski Area burned down some years ago. The house you have indicated as the "old" lodge was not it. The real lodge was a bit larger. A friend of mine used to live in that house pictured, actually.

One of the trails (in the distance), and the T-bar shack in the middle of the photo (Jeremy Davis).

 The T-bar shack, the opposite of above (pictures taken only an hour apart!). Photo courtesy John and Linda Osgood.

Linda Osgood at the base of the T-bar. It's still in good shape, even after 30 years!

One of T-bar towers, with the T's still attached, deep in the woods. John and Linda Osgood.

Here's the Topo map of the ski area, found by Betsy McDonough. Looks like the vertical drop was between 200-300 feet.

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