Hiking to the Summit Up Canyon/Roundbout
Crotched Mountain
August 8, 2002

While visiting the area I hiked to the top of the mountain with Tim Boyd's son, who helped point out several things along the way. We hiked up the Canyon trail. Near the top of Canyon, he turned around to head back to the bottom, and I continued on up Roundabout. 

Canyon is a decently pitched high intermediate/low expert, great wide cruiser. It used to have a quad up it, and will again, but this time on the eastern portion of the trail. This trail is nearly clear, except for the summit. Trees have been literally shredded (see pictures of the tree shredder on the West Double page) to clear the slope.

Roundabout is a fairly narrow twisty low intermediate ride from the summit.

Starting at the bottom of Canyon. Notice the old style tower snowgun on the right, ahead of its time!


About 1/3 way up the top.
 Notice the shredded trees.

About 1/2 way up, looking up the old quad liftline, bases still stand.

Some old snowmaking pipe alongside the edge of the trail.

At the intersection of Roundabout and Canyon.

Looking up Roundabout.

The top of Roundabout, great views.

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