April 13, 2002
Petersburg Pass, NY and Williams College, MA

We had our second ever NELSAP hike at Peterburg Pass and Williams College on April 13, 2002. Everybody had a great time! Laruie Puliafico, Patrick Sullivan and his Dad, Jeremy Clark, Jesse Opalka, Mike Watrous and Jeremy Davis all attended.

The following is a writeup from Laurie about the hike. We hope to do another this summer! - Jeremy

Laurie Puliafico - 

On Saturday, I left my house just after 7 AM to meet other NELSAPer's for a hike of Petersburg Pass. It was overcast, but there were ocassional breaks with sun. As I drove west on Route 2 the weather became more threatening and the sky grew darker, but this being New England I continued. As I passed Berkshire East the rain slowed and the sky appeared to be clearing. This was not to be as I climbed the hill into Florida, MA. A cloud opened up and it began to pour heavier than it had before. I was debating turning around and heading for home, but since I was over two thirds of the way there, I decided to continue. Just as quickly as the rain had begun, it stopped. As I approached the hairpin turn fog rolled in. Going down the hill into North Adams, I couldn't help but think, what if no one else is there when I get there.

As I entered North Adams, I spotted a McDonalds and figured I had better make a quick stop. I went in, used the facilities and got a coffee. When I came back out, the sun was shining through the clouds. I continued on route 2 for another 15 to 20 minutes or so, past Williams College and Sheep Hill and then up to the Petersburg Pass lot. When I got there Jeremy Clark had already arrived. Slowly other hikers started to arrive. By 10:15 or so, everyone had arrived and we were ready to set off up the mountain.

Hiking up. From left to right, Jeremy C, Mike, Jesse, Laurie, and Pat.

We hiked to the top up trail 6, Berlin (I think).  On the way up we spotted some snowmaking pipes at the side of the trail and saw several other trails which merged. 
Many of these trails were surprisingly clear.
When we got to the top we looked around a little.  The big concrete counterweights were there.  There was a small weather station attached to one of the concrete slabs.  Before heading back down we ate lunch at the top.

On the way down we followed trail 1 Panorama which was the lift line.  We managed to find most of the footings for the chair.
When we got to the bottom we took a quick run to our cars to drop some stuff, then walked to the Poma line.  We found a footing first, then the cable for the poma which had been dropped on the ground and was mostly covered.  We also found the top of the poma.    

After the hike Jeremy D. and Patrick shared post cards, old brochures and other ski memorabilia with us. We then decided to try to find the Williams College Ski Area which was near by. A parade of cars turned on to Route 2 and headed down the hill toward Williams College. Almost at the bottom of the hill we took a sharp right onto a fairly narrow road and followed it about a mile or so. There was a dirt road off to the right. Jeremy C. drove down the road to see if it was the right road and to survey the road conditions before we traveled down it. He came back with good news, this was the right road. The end of the road near the area got muddy and the lot was very muddy so we opted to take only two of the vehicles in.

The area was quite steep. There were signs that the area had been used by hunters for target practice. Shell casings and clay pigeons were all over the ground. There was a pickup truck parked at the base of the main hill.
We found several items in the woods that may have been related to the ski area including this tow bar. It started to look threatening again so we cut our visit short. Hopefully, another trip will be scheduled to further explore this area.
(Picture from Jeremy Clark)

So, off I was again to make the treck through the windy, curvy roads of route 2 as I headed east toward home. It rained off and on all the way to Greenfield.

As I continued on route 2 over the French King Bridge, I noticed the little private ski area which had been mentioned on the NELSAP discussion board sometime last year and had to stop to get pictures of it as well. It looks to be a rope tow area with about a 100ft or so vertical drop.

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