Fullerton Inn
Chester, VT
1939-Early 1970's

Thanks to some recent research and a visit, I think we may have solved some of the mysteries surrounding this area. The Fullerton Inn is one of the few places to stay in the town of Chester. In the late 1930's/early 1940's they operated a long (1500') tow just to the north of town. By 1942, a second, shorter tow of 1300' was added to the area.
This area most likely lasted until World War II. I have a strong feeling that the area became the Chester area. It appears that the original area was abandoned for a smaller area at the base of it. The Terraserver picture on the right shows what we believe is the Fullerton Inn area. The grown in slope above is where the old area was, spilling into the open slope where the Chester area operated. For more information on Chester, and to compare these pics with what is definitely known, click here.
Here are several clips from guidebooks:

(Skier's Guide to New England)
55 Meter jumps
1500 foot ski tow
Open slopes and XC Skiing
Another tow for beginners

(Ski Trails in The East and How to Find Them)
The trails are well marked and cleared, with a 1500 foot tow and uphill bus service. There are open slopes for practicing, log rest room accomodations, and first aid stations in the vicinity.

(Complete Skier's Guide)
Open slope and XC skiing, 55 meter jump
Two tows, 1500 feet and 1300 feet
Night skiing

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