Jackson Farm Tow
Hillside Farm Tow
Conway, NH
Before 1938-Around 1950

According to the 1938-1939 Ski NH guidebook, a 300' long rope tow served an 85' vertical slope just south of the town of Conway. The slope was a tiny three acres in size! A shelter was available to skiers.

Around 1940 the area expanded by a few acres and got a new name: Hillside Farm. The tow was lengthened to 600ft, and lights were added to the slope.

According to guidebooks, the last entry was for 1949 (the next one after that is 1951), so it likely closed around 1950, probably due to competing areas, like Cranmore.

Here's a map of where the area was located. While not named in this picture, it is the tow just east of Oak Hill.

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