Hickory Ski Center
Warrensburg, NY
Reopening 2009-2010

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Hickory Ski Area is a classic, surface lift only ski area in Warrensburg, NY that has reopened for the 2009-2010 season! The area has been closed since 2005, but activity is well underway to restore this gem back to operable conditions. William Van Pelt IV has formed Preserve Hickory Skiing Inc. which now has a majority stake in the ski area. Shawn Dempsey, Operations Manager and crew have worked hard to clear trails, repair the base lodge and lifts,, and add new features, such as a unique ticketing system.

Hickory is unique in that it is the largest surface lift only ski area in the northeastern U.S., with an 1120' vertical drop, 18 trails, 2 high speed pomas and a T-bar. A rope tow formerly operated but will likely not be restored.

We will be continue to chronicle the reopening of Hickory over the next few months, and highly recommend everybody to check it out! Use the links above to check out all the updates.

Below you will find some historic photos, and a tour of the area from January 2001.

Hickory Ski Center, located in Warrensburg, NY (near Lake George), is a ski area that truly captured the essence of skiing in the past.

(A 1993 picture of the sign. Courtesy Monika Graff)

Here, the trails are all natural and fun, giving skiers a glimpse of what it was like to ski at the numerous areas no longer in operation. The skiing is low key and friendly. Bob Miller sent us this photo of a trail at Hickory, showing the natural snow and the somewhat gladed terrain, and was taken on February 18, 1979. Click on the image for the larger version.

Hickory operated from the 1940's until 2005, and is reopening for the 2009-2010 season.

The summit poma. Courtesy Monika Graff, 1993.

A wide variety of terrain from steep chutes to wider open slopes allowed all skiers to enjoy Hickory.

This slide show introduces this mountain through pictures, from its past in the 1950's up through how it looked like in 2001.

Many thanks to Lee Fleming and her family for providing old Hickory Photos!

(Right - the top of Jack Rabbit - a very tough expert trail - in 1993, courtesy Monika Graff)

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Last updated January 7, 2010

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