New York

New York is home to likely the most lost ski areas in the country! Documenting New York is a huge undertaking in itself--we estimate that there are approximately 350 lost areas in New York alone! There are so many areas, large and small that it will be a while before all are up here on the site If you have any information on lost areas in NY that you would like to share with us, email me. We will keep that info on file for future updates. 

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Latest NY News:

December 30, 2014 - Want to help preserve the Hickory Ski Center? Then join the Hickory Alpine Club! This club will offer affordable options for skiers who cherish the unique ski experience that Hickory offers, and to ensure its survival for future generations. More information can be seen by visiting their website.

Total Lost Areas in NY on NELSAP: 65

Adirondacks (9)

Catskills, Helderbergs, and Southeastern New York (5)

East of Hudson River to New England (Southeastern NY) (7)

New York City, Extreme Southeastern NY, and Long Island (6)

Southern Lake Champlain/Lake George/Saratoga Region (19)

Capital District (8)

Western (4)

Central (6)

Classic Areas Still in Operation (22)

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