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Woodlin Club is a facility in Glenville, New York that includes a banquet hall, swimming pool, tennis courts, and more. In the past, it also had a private ski area for members, though it appears that the general public was also allowed to ski here for a fee. The Schenectady Gazette reported on January 2, 1962 that the Woodlin Club was another addition to local skiing, and had an electric rope tow near the swimming pool, with a less than 1 minute ride to the summit. We assume then the area opened near December 1961. On January 6, 1969 the Gazette also reported that membership was open to those over age 18 and that "In addition to free ski lessons, club members also enjoy day and weekend trips to northeastern ski centers, and in the summer, receive free water ski lessons on Ballston Lake and visit various other lakes."

According to John Ripley, the area eventually became operated by a group of families, which took turns operating the rope tow.

It is believed the area operated into the 1970's, and likely closed due to competition and a lack of snow. The Woodlin Club remains open to this day.

Right - An aerial view of the area from 1995. The former ski area has grown in considerably. The vertical drop of the area was approximately 90 feet.



Tim Shaer: I started skiing at Woodlin Club in Scotia ( North on Rte. 50 from Scotia, right on Glenridge Rd, Left on St. Anthony Lane to the end). They had a rope tow going down into a gulley next to the clubhouse. My dad got me the wooden skis as long as my arm over my head with the leather lace boots and cable bindings (bear trap?). Gave me a push and said "don't forget to stop at the bottom or you'll end up in the creek".

John Ripley: There was a rope tow slope located on the Woodlin Club property in Glenville NY during the 1960's.  Originally it was operated by the Woodlin Club which was and still is a swimming club with a reception hall.  Eventually it became a group operation run by several local families.  Parents were trained to run the rope tow and if you had 2 adults, you could open the place up…day or night.  One adult would stay at the top where the generator was that powered the tow.  The other could take a run with the kids.  If somebody tripped the safety shut-off,  the guy on top would wait for the all-clear to be shouted from down-slope. ( Liability wasn't invented until years later.)  I think eventually the place shut down due to a combination of lack of snow as well as competition from the big areas in the Adirondacks and Vermont.  I still have great memories of learning how to ski there and even opening the place on an Easter Sunday one year when we had gotten a late snow!    It was nothing major, but back in the day you would sometimes get a good size crowd there, upwards of a hundred people even!  We used to keep all of our lift tickets ($1.00) stapled in a chain attached to our coat,  I guess it was sort of a "status" thing at the time!

Kurt Concilla: I grew up on the Woodlin Club ski hill in Glenville, NY near Schenectady, Just a rope tow and $10 per family for the year each family had to run the rope tow for 3 - 3 hours shifts over the winter with two other families probably  a 100-150 vertical feet.

David Plumley: Woodlin Club operated in the 1960's - 1970's and had a rope tow.  The Hill is to the right of the swimming pools - current condition unknown, but the website does not mention the skiing hill.

Source for above newspaper info: Fulton History

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