Pine Woods Ski Slope
Batchellerville, NY
Dec 16-17, 1950 (tested), Officially Opened Dec 23, 1950-1953 or so

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The Pine Woods Ski Slope was a relatively small rope tow ski area that was founded by Robert Clark. The area was located about 3 miles north of Batchellerville on South Shore Road, overlooking the the Sacandaga Reservoir. Clark, who owned a home adjacent to the ski area began clearing the slopes and trails in June of 1950. A 1000' long rope tow was installed here, which served two slopes and two trails, one of which was 1600' long and winding for experts. The overall vertical drop was 150'.

The ski area was tested and pronounced fit for skiing during the weekend of December 16-17, 1950, and opened a week later, on December 23, 1950 just before Christmas. Fair to good skiing was reported for the first weekend, with six inches of settled snow and one inch of new powder. The area was quite popular during that Christmas week as new skiers discovered it, and three inches of new snow made New Years Eve skiing quite nice.

A warming hut served the usual refreshments with a kitchen and counter service. A large parking lot was located at the foot of the rope tow. The area remained open for weekend and holidays during the rest of the 1950-1951 ski season.

[Right - an advertisement that appeared the day before the ski area opened, on December 22, 1950 in the Amsterdam Evening Recorder]


Despite excellent promotions in local papers during the 1950-1951 ski season, reports stopped after that. Despite this, the area remained listed in guidebooks in 1952 and 1953. It is surmised then the area only operated just a few years. The exact reason for closing is unknown.

The next time I drive up that way I'll be sure to try to locate the former area.

[Left - a map to the ski area that appeared in the 1952 Ski New York Guide]

Newspaper Articles

Nov 30, 1950: Amsterdam and area ski enthusiasts will have a new site this Winter to pursue the snow sport. The Pine Woods slope is laid out, is owner and proprietor of the new ski center. Featuring a 1,000 foot rope tow, which will service three slopes, the Pine Woods set-up will be open for skiing on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays during the season. The three ski runs Include a 700 foot gentle slope for novices, a 1,200 foot fast slope for more experienced skiers and a 1,600 foot fast slope and winding trail. At the foot of the runs, a warming hut and snack bar will be located. Parking areas are adjacent to the rope tow. The Pine Woods slope is approximately 28 miles from Amsterdam. ["Area to Have Skiing Site at Batchellerville". Amsterdam Evening Recorder 30 Nov 1950: 29]

Dec 8, 1950: The Pine Woods ski area is located just three miles north of the Batchellerville bridge on Sacandaga reservoir. The slope overlooks the south shore of the reservoir, and consists of a 700-foot novice slope, a 1200-foot fast slope and a 1600-foot expert trail, which are serviced by a 1000-foot rope tow. At the foot of the slopes and trail Is a warming house where the customary refreshments may be obtained, with a parking area nearby. Pine Woods will operate Saturdays, Sundays and holidays when snow conditions permit, and every day during the Christmas-New Year's school vacation if there is sufficient snow." [Lambert, Lloyd. "Ski Trails." Schenectady Gazette 8 Dec. 1950: 14. ]

Dec 19, 1950: Pine Woods Ski Slope, three miles north of Batchellerville, plans to open for the season Saturday. The new skiing site, owned and managed by Robert W. Clark, has a seven-inch settled base accumulated from recent snow. Its runs were tested last week-end and pronounced in good condition, Present plans call for the slopes to be open to skiers on Saturday, Sunday and Christmas day. They also will be available on Wednesday, December 28, and the following Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Three slopes serviced by a 1,000 foot rope tow will be in operation. ["Skiing Saturday at Batchellerville". Amsterdam Evening Recorder 19 Dec 1950: 19]

Dec 22, 1950: Robert Clark's new Pine Woods Ski Slope, three miles from Batchellerville, opens Saturday and will remain open through New Year's Day. Snow conditions there today showed six inches of settled powder with one inch of new snow. At 8 o'clock this morning it was snowing steadily in the Batchellerville area and fair to good skiing was predicted for the week-end. Plans called originally for the three runs to be in use over Saturday, Sunday and Monday but Clark announced today they would be available all next week. The Pine Woods Ski Slope is located on the south shore of Sacandaga Reservoir, approximately 28 miles from Amsterdam. A 1,000 foot rope tow hat been Installed and is ready for use. ["Fair to Good Skiing Reported on New Batchellerville Slopes". Amsterdam Evening Recorder 22 Dec 1950: 12]

Dec 30, 1950: New Year's week-end skiing - promises to be good at Pine Woods Ski Slope, near Batchellerville, according to Bob Clark, proprietor of the new runs. Three inches of new snow yesterday on a six-inch packed has left the three slopes in' good condition. The Pine Woods run, which opened just before Christmas and has been busy ever since, will continue to be open through Monday. ["Promise Good Skiing For Pine Woods Run Near Batchellerville". Amsterdam Evening Recorder 30 Dec 1950: 10]

Jan 3, 1951: Although conditions have been far from ideal to date for good skiing, the Pine Woods ski slope is fast becoming popular in this area. It is located in the Town of Edinburg about three miles north of Batchellerville on the south shore of the Sacandaga Reservoir. Robert W. Clark, whose home is near the ski slopes, is the owner of the new resort. He started work in June and has cleared timber, brush and rocks from three separate slopes designed to attract skiers in all stages of experience. A one-thousand foot rope tow serves a 700-foot novice slope for. children and beginners. A 1,200-foot fast slope for more experienced skiers and a 1600-foot, fast and winding trail for experts. All three end at a comfortable warming house equipped with tables, benches and a kitchen with counter service where the customary refreshment are available.

A large parking area is immediately adjacent to the warming house and the foot of the tow. The skiing area is open to the, public Saturdays, Sundays and holidays when weather conditions permit. ["Ski Slope Opens to the Public on Pine Woods Hill" Gloversville Leader-Republican. 3 Jan 1951: 10]

Jan 20, 1951: Pine Woods Ski Slope, near Batchellerville, cited three to six inches of granular base and fair skiing in its morning report. ["Batchellerville Lists Fair Skiing in Report" Amsterdam Evening Recorder 20 Jan 1951: 9]

Feb 24, 1951: Batchellerville Skiing: Skiers at Pine Woods Ski Slope near Batchellerville this week-end will find eight to 10 inches of old base and fair skiing. That report was for conditions through Friday afternoon. ["Batchellerville Skiing". Amsterdam Evening Recorder 24 Feb 1951: 6]

Guidebook Listings

Year Lifts Trails Other Info Source
1952 Tow Novice Slope: 700' long, 35' drop, 100' wide.
West Slope: 1200' long, 150' drop, 60-80' wide.
East Trail: 1600' long, 150' drop, 15-25' wide, needs 8" of snow to ski.
West Trail: 1500' long, 150' drop, 12-20' wide, needs 8" of snow to ski.
The Pine Woods Ski Slope is 3 miles north of Batchellerville. NYC RR to Fonda. Heated and lighted shelter, refreshments. Tow operates weekends and holidays. Adults $1.50, Children under 13 $1.00. Information: Robert Clark. Ski New York Guide.
1953 Tow No change. No change. Ski New York Guide.

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