Oyster Bay Ski Center
Oyster Bay, NY
Before 1949-At least 1959

A ski area operated in Oyster Bay, NY on the north side of Long Island in the late 1940's until at least 1959. This area was definitely small, with the longest slope being 800' long. Skiing was cheap however, with rates ranging from 1 dollar to 1.50. It was mainly open weekend and holidays, with night skiing during the week.

As the area had no snowmaking, it was open only rarely, whenever there was more than 2" of snow on the ground. I imagine that the slopes had to be very smooth to operate with such little snow cover. The area appears to be totally grown in and/or developed today according to Terraserver.

Here's a map of the area, circa 1950.

If you have additional information on this area, just let us know.

Oyster Bay by the Year

Year Lifts Trails/Slopes Other Info Source
1949-1950 East Tow - 500'
North Tow - 600'
East Slope - 600', 1000' wide, needs 3" to ski
North Slope - 800', 1000' wide, needs 3" to ski
Heated and lighted ski shelter serves refreshments, first aid and other facilities. Large open slopes with capacity of 1500 skies per hour. $1.50 for day skiing, $1.00 for evening. Opened Saturday/Sunday/Holidays for day skiing, with night skiing  Mon-Fri Ski New York Guide
1951 Same Same Same Same
Mid 1950's - 1959 3 tows 3 slopes and a trail Open weekends and evenings whenever there is more than 2" on the ground. Run by Oscar Summers Ski New York Guide

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