Longvue Ski Slope
Altamont, NY
Before 1961-near 1970

History ~ Listings by the Year


Thanks to Mike Nardacci, we now know about this lost area in Altamont. Below is more information from Mike from an article that he wrote:

"Next to Middle Road on the hill above Knox Cave there stands today a shuttered building whose dark façade speaks of its withstanding many years of punishing Helderberg winters. But until just a few years ago, a weathered sign high on its west-facing wall read “Longvue Ski Slope Snack Bar.” The sign is gone today and the building has a forlorn look, but in the late 1960s on a snowy weekend, the Lodge would be crowded with skiers who were gliding down the long slope behind the lodge, extending north toward Rte. 146.

View of the lodge from 2005, showing the snack bar sign. Click on it to view the larger version. Courtesy Mike Nardacci.

View of the gentle slope, 2005. Click on the image for a larger version. Courtesy Mike Nardacci.

 Seen today, the slope looks rather gentle, with a gradient that would be derided by experienced skiers as a “bunny slope.” But they will also probably remember their first time on a pair of skis, when even a very gentle grade looked like the North Slope of Mt. Everest. And “Longvue” lived up to its name: on a clear day, one can see the southern peaks of the Adirondacks from its hilltop location."

More information was found from the American Ski Directory of 1961, the only guidebook I have that lists the area. It was apparently operated by Howard Henderson, and another Henderson (brother, son?) Paul was the head of the ski school. This appears to be a classic family operated small rope tow ski area. The reason for closing is not known at this time.

Listings by the Year

Year Lifts Trails Other Info Source
1961 1000' rope tow Not listed 200' drop. Capacity-300 skiers. Weekends only, usual crowd 200 skiers. Season pass: $10. Daily Rate: $4. Howard Henderson, Manager. Open December- March. Ski School, $1 a class. Private Lessons: $1. Head of Ski School: Paul Henderson. Rentals, skating, tobogganing, and cafeteria. The American Ski Directory

If you have more information on this area just let us know.

Last updated: November 24, 2010

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