Bart's Tow
North Sherburne (near Killington), VT

Thanks to David Partridge, volunteer at the Vermont Ski Museum, we now know of this area that operated near what is now the Killington base road. Here are his details:

"I skied at Bart's Tow which was located near where the "Welcome to Killington" sign is in North Sherburne. There is currently a Bart's Hill Road there and the tow was in that area. I remember it as the craziest tow that I ever was on. You started out normally, but soon found the rope way over your head followed by the crest that ground your knuckles into the snow, and the suddenly the top pulleys. Best be quick to get off!"

There is a chance this may be the Retreat Tow, just not sure.

If you remember this ski area, just let us know.

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