Learn more about Southern Vermont Lost Ski Areas in my 2010 book,
 Lost Ski Areas of Southern Vermont!


Vermont...classic rolling hills and mountains.  Many of these hills and mountains once had downhill ski areas operating on them.  Like NH, it seems as if 2/3 of the towns had one at one point!  If you want to learn more about the history of skiing in Vermont, click here to read my paper (a bit out of date) that I wrote for a Vermont History class in April, 1998.

Numbers in parenthesis indicate how many are on NELSAP.

Current Vermont Lost Count on NELSAP: 119, plus 8 reopened ones

Northern Vermont (40 areas)

Central Vermont (50 areas) Southern Vermont (29 areas) Lost Areas incorporated into operating ski areas!

The Lost are Found!
Closed ski areas at one time that have reopened in Vermont! (9 areas)

Small areas that are still OPEN!

# An area built, but never opened
! In different format than operating area today

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