Sterling School
Craftsbury, VT
Before 1966 ~ approx 1973

According to the Vermont Tramway inspections, Sterling School ran a 1200' rope tow from before 1969 to around 1973. The school is now likely called Sterling College.

John Dodge remembers this area:

I remember it well having gone to Sterling between 1966-68 when it was a prep school in Craftsbury Common, Vt. (it's now a college focusing on conservation etc.). Looking at Googlemaps, my best guess is that it was in Albany, one town north of Craftsbury Common. We'd get off the Sterling bus and ski on winter afternoons after classes for an hour or two until it got dark. It was down a dirt road like most everything in northern Vermont. From the road, we'd cross flat expanse w small conifers and ski down the hill w moderate vertical...maybe 200-300 feet of vertical. The rope was operated by a Sterling maintenance man whose name escapes me, but he had a Skidoo - a big deal back them.
Once down the pitched part of the hill, momentum would carry you across a deeply rutted flat section. We schuss the hill, go flying through the ruts and up a small incline to catch the rope tow, all without stopping. Unfortunately, I badly sprained my ankle doing this little trick one too many times. But I have fond memories of this little hill. 

If you remember this ski area, just let us know.

Last updated: Nov 9, 2010

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