Dick's Tow
Sherburne (now Killington), VT
1930's-Possibly 1940's

Thanks to David Partridge, volunteer at the Vermont Ski Museum, we now know of this area that operated near what is now the Killington base road. Here are his details:

"I skied at Dick's Tow, which was under Route 4 about across from where the Killington Road now comes in. I skied there numerous times over several years. I remember driving by the Pico tow and stopping to look at it. We decided it was too steep and went to Dick's. The next year we were bolder and we skied at Pico and saw the cable for the Constam lift (T-bar) way up in the air and wondered how it would work. The next year the T-bars were on and we knew."

If you remember this ski area, just let us know.

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