Bennington Rotary
Bennington, VT
Before 1960-1975

Thanks to the VT Tramway reports, we first know of this lost area in Bennington. According to those records, it was open before 1969 with a 600 foot rope tow. Around 1972, the area became a municipal area, so was likely run by the town. The area closed around 1975. The area was located at the Mt. Anthony Country Club in Bennington, at the 9th hole. The rope tow was seasonal and portable.

Several NELSAP readers remember this area:

Jed Turner: As a kid I remember skiing the Bennington Rotary rope tow at the Mount Anthony Country Club in Bennington, Vermont.. It was located on the 9th hole. This was the closest place to ski if you lived in North Bennington with the exception of the private tow owned by the Campbell's near he entrance to Bennington College. I believe I was about 9 or 10 years old so that would make it circa 1960-1961

A view of the lost area today, thanks to Jed.

Tom: There was a seasonal rope tow installed on the descending hill of the 9th fairway of the Mt Anthony Country Club. If you are at the current clubhouse looking up the 9th fairway the rope tow was installed along the trees on the right side. The top of the tow was about 30 vertical feet below the tee box. The tow was a couple hundred feet long and the trail was the gentle sloping fairway. I remember skiing there and I think sledding there quite a bit, but I can't remember if they let us take the tow up for sledding, I think they did. 

Betsy's mom Barbara Truex did some research on this area and found out a bit more by talking to the Bennington Librarian, Mr. Resch:

"I talked to Mr. Resch, and he recalled that the Bennington Rotary Club set up a temporary rope tow at the Mt. Anthony Country Club in the year 1963.  He said it was a very gentle slope and believes it only operated for that one year.  He does not know if there are any remains of the ski tow left there."

If you know more, just let us know.

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