Town of Proctor Tow
Proctor, VT
Before 1969-1974

NELSAP originally heard of this area from the VT Tramway reports. According to the repots, the area had a 500' rope tow, and operated before 1969 to 1974. According to topographic maps, the area has a vertical of between 120 and 150 feet.

To the right is an aerial shot showing the layout of the area, but due to growth, it is hard to make out the trails. Above the school is a skating rink, which is a field in the warmer months and iced over in the winter. Don Sevigny helped run this ice skating rink for many years. The rope tow begins directly above the rink. To the left of the tow line is a grown over steep main slope, and further left, a narrow twisting less steep trail. Another trail and/or slope is directly to the right of the tow line.

The area was run by the town, likely mostly for kids. It was a typical Vermont rope tow area that ran in the 1960's and 1970's.

Thanks to Don for telling me where the area is. Thanks to his directions, I found it in early May, 2003, and took the following shots.

Here's a shot of the remains of the machinery for the base of the rope tow.
A view of the area from the bottom. You can see the rope tow line on the right, and the grown over slope in the middle. A trail can just barely be seen on the middle left portion.

Walking up the steep liftline, one can see a pulley still attached to the tree.
Looking down the liftline from about halfway up, still clear. Its very steep.

At the top of the tow is a small remnant of the return drive for the tow.
Looking down the narrow twisty trail from the near the top.

Finally, a view of the lodge used now by ice skaters. This is taken from the middle of the rink.

If you remember this ski area, just let us know.

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