Richford Lions Club
Richford, VT
Before 1970-1973

According to VT Tramway reports, a 725 foot rope tow was operated by the Richford Lions Club from before 1970 to 1973 in the town of Richford. 

Anonymous has more information on this area: 

"I stumbled upon your New England Lost Ski Areas page and saw the reference to the ski hill run by the Richford Lions Club in Richford Vermont.   I am now a resident of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I can remember skiing on the Richford ski hill in  either the 69-70 or 70-71 season.  I was all of seven years old at the time.  We lived in Montreal, Quebec at the time and my parents rented a farm house in Richford for those two winters so we could ski at Jay Peak.  I believe that you will find the old Richford ski hill by taking the road north out of town towards the Quebec Canada border. Just before you get to the border turn right up a street that leaves town.  In the early seventies the Richford town dump was on this same road.  After turning right onto the side street, look for the remains of the ski hill on a hill on the right side of the road.     I remember the rope tow as being on the left side of the hill. 

I made a trip from Toronto to Jay Peak and Richford in 1991, and at that time I was able to find this road but did not notice ( I wasn't looking for it) the old ski hill.  I did find the old place where my parents rented the farm house in 1991, which is now a children's school of some kind."

If you know more about this ski area, please let us know.

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