Waterbury Village Area
Waterbury, VT

Mid 1940's- 1950's

This was the third and final ski area for Waterbury. It may have utilized parts of the tows of the Perry Hill area and Skiland. If the tow was used, it was shortened to 715 feet long, from the 1000 foot original one. According to Brian Lindner of the Waterbury Historical Society, the area has been mostly lost due to Rte. 89. The area was located on Blush Hill with the base on Intervale ave.

Here are a few sources for this area. The area likely closed in the 1950's.

(VT Life article)
This area was still in operation according to that article, called the Village Area.

(World Ski Book)
Area has a 715 foot tow within easy walking distance of the village, has several sporty trails and slopes.

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