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Dec. 26, 1999
Totally updated Keene's/Lord Hill, NH thanks to info from Kim Murphy. Added Indian Mound, NH thanks to info from Steve Estabrook. Added Spicket Hill, Salem NH thanks to info from Pat Sullivan. Added Barnard's Slope and Tolman Pond, NH.

Dec. 24, 1999
Updated Beartown and Oak 'N' Spruce, MA, with new photos and trail maps. Also updated Oak Hill, NH, with lots of new photos and info. New article on the reopening of Garrison Hill, Dover for sledders on our press release page (thanks to Dave Hilton who pointed this one out to us), including a totally updated Garrison Hill page. Updated White Mtn, CT and Lynx Creek, Nh thanks to info from Christian DaBica. Updated Ossipee Ski Slopes and added Ossipee Mountain (two different areas). Updated Brookline, Nh with a new photo from Brian O'Malley.

Dec. 23, 1999
Added Whitcomb Summit and Eaglebrook School, thanks to Jeremy Clark. Added Timber Ridge, VT by request! Totally updated Mt. Whittier, NH!

Dec. 16, 1999
Added Claypit Hill, Page's Hill, and Happy Valley, Hutchin's Farm, Bedford Country Club, Nobscot Scout Reservation, all in MA. Added several new bios to the NELSAPPER page. Updated Amesbury Ski Tows,MA and Prospect, VT. Added a new newspaper article on Benjamin Hill, MA thanks to Brian O'Malley. Updated The Dubliner, NH thanks to lots of info from two alumni. Added Gilford Tow, NH. Updated Wolf Run, VT , Uncanoonuc, NH,  , Underhill, VT, Punkatasset, MA, Norwich University, and Simsbury, CT, Ohoho, CT., Snow's Mountain, NH.

Dec. 15, 1999
Added Sawmill Hill and Thunder Mountain, MA thanks to Jeremy Clark, and Private Property No Trespassing Keep Out Ski Area, Southborough, MA thanks to info from Kevin Thomas! (and yes, that name is right!)

Dec. 12, 1999
Added Portland-Lincoln PTA, St. Johnsbury, VT. Updated Bellows Falls Ski Bowl and added Bellows Falls Village Area/Rockingham Recreation, VT thanks to new info from Norman MacLeod. Updated White Bunny, ME with new info from Jenny Hunt! Added a new link to Antiqueski.com and Fresh Tracks Alpine Services on the links page. Updated Moose Hill, MA, thanks to info from Brian O'Malley. Added Burnt Hill, MA, thanks to info from Jeremy Clark.

Dec. 11, 1999
Added Hamilton Slopes, MA!. Corrected a date on East Hill Farm. Upgraded the front page of the site!

Dec. 5, 1999
Updated East Hill Farm, NH thanks to info from its owner, Dave Adams. Added Mt. Hood, MA, Furnace Brook, MA, Commonwealth Golf Course, MA, Osceola Playground, MA

Nov. 26, 1999
Updated Mt. Rowe, NH with new info and an add from Brian O'Malley. Added a new photo for Prospect, VT, thanks to Betsy McDonough!

Nov. 24, 1999
Updated Sugar Bush, VT with a new 1953 trail map. Updated Latchis Ski Park with new photos and new info from James Latchis. Updated Arrowhead, NH with lots of new photos and info.

Nov. 18, 1999
Added Brooks School, MA, thanks to info from John and Linda Osgood. Added Mount Grace, MA thanks to info from Dana Dorsett and Brian O'Malley. Added Happyland Ski Area, MA thanks to info from Carol Skelly. Added Snow White, MA, with info provided from Jeremy Clark. Added Moose Hill, Spencer, MA thanks to info from Brian O'Malley. Updated Wildwood Valley, VT, from information provided by John and Linda Osgood.

Nov. 17, 1999
Added Beaver Hill, ME, thanks to research from Chris Bradford. Living Memorial Park is reopening, so click on the link for details. Totally updated information on Groton, MA ski areas thanks to info from Jed Diehl. Totally updated Snow Hill, MA.  Updated Sunapee Town Tows, NH with new information from David. Added Veteran's Memorial thanks to information from Craig Remillard.

Nov. 16, 1999
Added information on White Bunny, Maine, thanks to two NELSAP readers! Added Hurley Hill Training Center, thanks to Chris Bradford. Added Wolf Run Ski Area, VT thanks to information from John and Linda Osgood.

Nov. 5, 1999
Added Edgewood Golf Course, Uxbridge, MA and Steele Hill Resort, Sanbornton, NH. Thanks to Eric Sherman! Also added Snake Hill, Berlin, MA, thanks to Jim McGrail!

Nov. 4, 1999
Added the NELSAP Store Nov 2 and new info on Brookline, NH.

October 23, 1999
Added 3 areas in Amesbury, MA, totally updated Skiing History page with tons of new photos!

October 22, 1999
Added Arrowhead, NH and Oak 'N Spruce, MA. Also updated several others in MA. Made updates to navigation frame and new logo on main site (Oct 19).

September 24, 1999
Added 3 more areas

September 23, 1999
Added 7 new areas in Connecticut. Up to 194 areas, almost 200!

September 14, 1999
I'm back up to school now at Lyndon State. Sorry for the delays in adding info. I've added 3 new areas in NH today.

August 20, 1999
All sorts of new info at the Putney School in Vermont, with photos thanks to Harriet Rogers.

August 14, 1999
Added 9 new areas to NH and updated several more as well.

August 11, 1999
Added 10 new areas to Vermont and updated several others there as well!

August 10, 1999
Added a search engine and there more area, one in MA and 2 in VT.

August 4, 1999
Added 5 areas and updated many in Vermont!

July 27, 1999
Added a new area today: Iron Mt. House Slope, Jackson, NH.

July, 1999
Well, NELSAP has finally moved to its new home, www.nelsap.org! This is a great, quantum leap for the project, as this will help move NELSAP into the next era.

May 31, 1999
Added Spruce Mtn, Jackson, NH, Dublin School, Dublin, NH and Peterborough Golf Club, Peterborough, NH today.  Updated Frontenac and Thorn Mountain as well.

May 30, 1999
After a semi-long delay, more stuff has been added to Nelsap.  Today I've completely rewritten Evergreen Valley, ME, Mt. Whittier, NH and Tyrol, NH thanks to loads of new details from Jim Clarke.  Also, the front page has been completely redesigned.

April 23, 1999
Added new photos to Snow Valley and info, thanks to David DeMatteis.  He's also sent me some more photos of Round Top, of which I hope to add soon.

April 15, 1999
Added a new area in Vermont, Sugar Bush (no, not the big one) from East Jamaica.  Postcard photo as well.

April 11, 1999
Added a new 1940's trail map from Snow Valley, courtesy of Eric Maloney.

April 9, 1999
Busy day today! Added several new areas: Mount Greylock, MA; Chapman Hill, Chapman, VT; Mount Rowe, Gilford, NH, Birchwood, Londonderry, NH; Mount Eustis, Littleton, NH, Oxbow Mountain, VT, and Mitchell Hill, Gonic, NH.  I've also changed my primary email address from brkskier@hotmail.com to nelsap@yahoo.com.  Hotmail was working ok, but recently it has been far too slow.  Also, added new photos of High Pond, thanks to Andy Dufresne. Vermont areas are now in their own subdirectory.  New photos also of Snow Valley, VT.

March 23, 1999
Added new pictures of Underhill Ski Bowl thanks to contributor Andy Dufresne.  Check 'em out!

March 16, 1999
Sorry for the delay in adding stuff folks, just been very busy around here.  I'll try to update everything as soon as I can.  Many readers have been very helpful with info so it'll take a little while to get it all on.  But I've added pictures of Cat Rock, MA, thanks to Jed Diehl!

March 8, 1999
Added lots of pictures for Ski Valley and new info added there.  Just found out that Kent's Hill, in Maine is still open, so I have to remove that from Maine.

March 7, 1999
Added three new areas today: Silver Hills, Sand Hill, Gilmore's Hill, all near Augusta, Maine.  Thanks to David LaVallee who provided info on these areas!  Now Maine has also been finally redesigned so its similar to the other states.

March 6, 1999
Added new areas: Glenn Skiff Farm, Eagan Farm, and Underhill Ski Bowl, all Vermont and Orford, NH.  Made all of the NH areas in a new folder: NH

March 3, 1999
Lots of new pictures for Diamond Hill, RI!  Added new javascript to the front of the page, making the old table go away.  I hope it works on your computer...if you have troubles let me know.

March 2, 1999
Added one more area today: Copple Crown, NH.  Thanks to Joan Balser who provided a map of Copple and Dave Hilton who scanned it in!  I've also been working on new folders for the homepage.  So far I've finished RI and CT.   They can now be accessed like this:  http://www.geocities.com/~nelsap/ct/ct.html.  This makes it a whole lot easier for me to manage.

February 28, 1999
I've added 12 new areas in Vermont, added to the Vermont page.  Most of them have little info on them, so I'm hoping some of you will remember these areas.  NELSAP now has 137 areas!  Wow!  I've also reorganized the VT page like NH.

February 27, 1999
I've added 9 new areas: Ossipee Mtn, Jaffrey Slopes, Franklin Mtn, New London Slopes, Moose Mtn Slopes, Oak Hill, Keene's, Frontenac, and Intervale.  I need more info on these so please email me if you have any.

February 26, 1999
Start of some more areas on NELSAP...two new ones and one completely rewritten.  Crotched Mtn, NH and Monteau, NH added.  Onset/Bobcat all updated with new info.  I've also redesigned one of the state's page, this one being NH.  I think its a little simpler than the table which allows me to manipulate it better.  Please let me know which you like better, the old way or the new way.

Just 18 hours after I posted Crotched, I got an email from Dave Kulis from Ascutney Mtn.  He sent me the trail map from their final year!  Check it out, it shows the quad.  Crotched certainly looked like the place to be. Also, this trail map answers some questions about Bobcat.

February 25, 1999
Added info on 3 ski areas: Blanchard, Prospect, and Boston Hills, all in MA.  Also, I took a trip to RI and found 2/3 of the lost areas there.  Look for a more detailed explanation of Ski Valley and Diamond Hill coming soon, with lots of pictures.

February 22, 1999
Cat Rock Ski Area, Weston Massachusetts has been added, thanks to info from Jed Diehl!  I've also found a new site, Mediabuilder, at http://www.mediabuilder.com.  You can make all sorts of cool 3-d fonts and banners there.  I've started integrating them into NELSAP for some more interesting text.  Let me know what you think!

February 13, 1999
I've decided to add this new section as a journal of all that's new on NELSAP.  Lost areas and new info will be listed here.

Bald Mountain, Dedham Maine was updated with another listing.  I've also added 21 newly found lost Maine ski areas, thanks to a 1969 guide that Dave Hilton sent me.  Many of these have limited information, though, so if anybody remembers these areas, please let me know.  You can check out all of the lost Maine areas by clicking here.

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