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Nov 21, 2004
Huge update before I move (will take a few weeks till I can update again). Jonni Gallup has been working on a new front page now for a long time, and its finally ready! Enjoy! Please send along any comments.

Nov 1, 2004
New color image of Skidmore, NY and Big Rock Candy Mountain, NY. . Added info on special Crotched Mountain, NH season passes through NELSAP! Added a store, we'll have more soon.

Oct 30, 2004
Totally updated Highpoint, Long Island, with lots of new pics.

Oct 27, 2004
Added Observatory/Silver Hill, MA. Added link to www.newenglandskiers.org on the links pages. Updated Cranwell, MA.

Oct 19, 2004
Updated Bedford Country Club/Little's Tow, MA.

Oct 16, 2004
New pics of Barton Valley View, VT. Updated Candy Mtn, NH, Big Rock Candy Mtn, NY, Loring, ME, Snake Hill, MA.

Oct 14, 2004
Added a link to Save The Bar.com on our links page.

Aug 25, 2004
Added Clapp Park, MA and updated Vermont Academy, VT, Bonnyvale, VT,  thanks to Betsy. Added a link to Ski-Venture Family Ski Club, NY (still open). Added Copy Cat and Ridge Runner, NY.

Aug 20 2004
Totally updated Sky-Hy, Maine, with new pics.

Aug 18 2004
Added Kidder Mtn, NH, thanks to some research from Betsy.

Aug 8 2004
Info on our Pico Mountain Hike July 31st, photos and trip report.

Jul 23, 2004
New camp pic. Info on our Pico Mountain Hike July 31st. Added Pinnacle, NY and Corning Community College, NY. Updated Highpoint, NY, Loring AFB, ME, South Burlington Tow, VT and Chapman Hill, VT.

Jul 8, 2004
Snow Valley is being reborn! Click here for all the details. Updated Press Releases page. Added Hyde Manor, VT and North Country Ski Park, VT thanks to Betsy.

Jun 29, 2004
New cam pic, as I hiked up White Rocks just south of Rutland, VT.

Jun 22, 2004
New cam pic. Updated Mt Gile, ME, Turner's Rope Tow, VT, Judgment Ridge, VT, South Burlington Tow, VT, and Retreat Tow, VT, thanks to Betsy.

Apr 15, 2004
New updates thanks to Betsy: Beaver Hill, ME, Belfast, ME. Added NH State Library archive photos.

Apr 1, 2004
Split up the Gilford Tow into two areas: Gilford Outing Club Part 1 and Part 2 (coming soon). Added Arlberg Inn, NH.

Mar 28, 2004
Added our first two lost NJ Ski Areas: Belle Mountain and Peapack.

Mar 24, 2004
New personal story on Bedford Country Club, MA.

Mar 19, 2004
New cam pic. Totally updated Alexander-Carr Park, NH.

Mar 8, 2004
New picture of Jericho, MA and Blanchard, MA.

Feb 27, 2004
Updated Thunderhead, MA with a pic! Updated Birchwood, NH and Rutland Country Club, VT, with a new story. Made some corrections on Gilmour's Hill, ME.

Feb 25, 2004
Added Mount Snow, Quebec, and updated Mont Pontbriand, Quebec, thanks to Betsy.

Feb 17, 2004
Added Clifton/Fine Lions Club, NY, Rocky Mountain, NY, and Wanakena Tow, NY.

Feb 16, 2004
Added Ski Plattekill, NY to the profiles page.

Feb 9, 2004
Updated Jug End, MA, with several pics of the hotel there when it was abandoned. Great stuff! Moved Pine Ridge, MA back to the open column. More info on this in the future.

Feb 8, 2004
Moved CT Junior Republic from the open list to lost list in CT, likely been closed for a long time.

Jan 23, 2004
Added Big Rock Candy Mountain, NY. Greg L (intern) updated Pine Top, RI, Heavenly Hill, MA, Hobbs Hill, ME, Juniper Hills, MA, JB Williams, CT, Juniper, MA, Holland Farm, MA, Boston Hills, MA, Indian Mountain School, CT, Brownell, VT, The County Tow, ME, Seminary Hill, MA, Hamilton, MA, and added Lakeside Tow, CT and Bronson's Hill, CT,

Jan 18, 2004
New cam pic from our family's experience at Gillette Stadium! Go PATS!

Jan 13, 2004
Added a new cam pic. Also, added a donations button. If you enjoy the site, please consider making a donation on the front page. The link is on the left column.

Jan 12, 2004
Updated Van Cortland Park, NY, thanks to our new intern Greg! Updated Hinesburg, VT, Loring, ME,  thanks to Betsy. Added Biddeford Rotary, ME thanks to Betsy. Updated the link to Ski Hickory on their slideshow page.

Jan 9, 2004
Updated Chickley Alp, MA and Rocky Woods, MA, with a new story.


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