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Nov 20, 2003
Updated Groton Private Tow, MA, Groton Hills/Priests, MA, Groton Country Club, MA, Hartwell Hill, MA, Snow White, MA. Added Bondville Tow, VT, Pound Ridge Private Tow, NY, and Bay Path Junior College, MA.

Nov 19, 2003
Added Redford Tow, NY and Featherland/Sudbury Tow, MA (lots of pics). Updated Judgment Ridge, VT.

Nov 9, 2003
Added Schroon Lake, NY, Whitney Hill, NY, and Raquette Lake, NY.

Oct 23, 2003
Added Ski-Morr, VT.

Oct 21, 2003
Totally updated Chester Ski Area (The Pinnacle), VT. I'm fairly sure it was the old Fullerton Inn area, so removed that area from NELSAP and combined it with Chester. Lots of new pictures of Innsbruck, USA, NY. Updated Van Cortland Park, NY.

Oct 16, 2003
Totally updated Topsfield, MA with lots of pics.

Oct 9, 2003
Added Innsbruck USA, NY, with lots of info.

Oct 8, 2003
New personal story of Krechko's Tow, CT. Totally updated Ben Barrow's Hill/Oxford High School, Maine. Added No-Par Ski Area, ME and Essex Street Hill, ME. Updated Hathaway's, ME.

Sep 24, 2003
New personal story of Glidden's Tow, NH. New aerial shot of Oxbow, VT.

Sep 23, 2003
Happy Fall! Ski season not too far away. Some great updates today. Chamberlin Birch, VT is updated with new historic and current pictures. New cam pic. Another great Crotched Update. New picture of Prospect Mtn, VT.

Sep 17, 2003
New updated on Crotched Mountain, thanks to Bob Caron. New personal story on Ossipee Mtn, NH.

Sep 15, 2003
Added Hiram, ME and Brae Burn Country Club, MA thanks to John Pepper. Lots of new pictures of Dave Wright's Ski Area, MA.

Sep 4, 2003
Another Crotched mountain update, thanks to pics from Bob Caron.

Aug 11, 2003
Totally updated Mitchell Hill, NH. Finally, added some Crotched Mountain updates!

Aug 9, 2003
Added Strawberry Hill, Queensbury, NY. New cam pic.

Jul 24, 2003
Sorry for the long delay folks. Hard to think snow in summer :)  Totally updated Hebron Academy, Maine. Updated Scotties, ME and Raymond Tow, NH.. New pic on Gunset, NY.

Jun 21, 2003
Added Northfield Inn Ski Area, MA. Updated Berlin, CT.

Jun 17, 2003
Great new shots of Hamilton Hills, MA.

May 14, 2003
Added Proctor Tow, VT, with lots of photos! Added Frederic A. Webster Tow, VT and Sterling College, VT.

May 3, 2003
Updated Besse Park, CT, Clancy Mountain (Cardigan School), NH, Timber Trails, CT, Hartford School, VT,  thanks to Betsy. Added Stanley Quarter Park, CT and Martha Hart Park, CT thanks to Betsy.

May 2, 2003
Totally updated Skidmore College, NY, Jug End, MA, and Winhall Snow Bowl, VT. All have lots of new pics and stories.

Apr 16, 2003
Totally updated Husky Hill, CT and Page Park, CT. Updated Bob Johnson Indoor Ski School, MA and Brooklyn, CT. New picture of Blanchard Hill, MA, Indian Mound, NH. Added Berry Hill, NH.

Apr 5, 2003
New pics of South Burlington Tow, VT. Added a link to Teachski.com, Laurie's site.

Apr 3, 2003
Lots of new pics of Lewisboro Tow, NY. Added a link to Snowjournal's (Laurie's) article on Granite Gorge, and a link to Granite Gorge's website. Removed Pinnacle from lost list. Lots of new pics of Page Park, CT. New info on Ski-Horse, ME. Removed Hoosac School, NY from the lost, as it also has reopened. Added a link to Powdermill Park, NY, and a picture of it.

Apr 1, 2003
New cam pic. Totally updated New Hampton School, NH with lots of new pics. Added a link to McIntyre Ski Area (still open).

Mar 30, 2003
Totally updated Bauneg Beg, ME.

Mar 29, 2003
New pics of Monson MA, thanks to Laurie. Added Millbrook School, NY. Added Centre de Ski Lac Carling, Quebec, thanks to Betsy.

Mar 27, 2003
Added Brooksvale, CT, Besse Park, CT, Sunset Ridge, CT, Morris, CT, Beacon Outing Club, CT, Hartford Outing Club, CT and updated Silvermine, CT,  thanks to Betsy.

Mar 22, 2003
Totally updated Barton, VT thanks to Betsy. Added Simsbury, CT; Nava, CT; Salisbury, CT; Indian Mountain School, CT, thanks to Betsy. Added CT Junior Republic, likely still open, thanks to Betsy.

Mar 11, 2003
Added Bloomfield, CT. New pics of Garrison Hill, NH.

Mar 5, 2003
New aerial shot of Pinkham Notch Tow, NH and Mount Rowe/Alpine Ridge, NH.

Mar 3, 2003
Updated Topsfield Ski Club, MA, thanks to Betsy. Totally updated Epping Tow, NH.

Mar 2, 2003
Added Maple Ski Ridge, NY to our revamped profiles page.

Feb 25, 2003
Added Break Hill, MA thanks to some great contributions. Updated Ohoho, CT, Uconn, CT, Big Red, MA, Removed Arrowhead, NH from closed list into reopened list. Great new pics on Mixville, CT thanks to Brandon Hertell. Totally updated Stafford Ski Club, CT. Added a link to Rick Bolger's site on Dutchess Mtn, NY, great stuff! Updated Bunham Hollow, VT thanks to Betsy. Added Bristol Ski Club, CT.

Feb 22, 2003
New cam pic thanks to Betsy. Great new pic from Tyrol thanks to Neil Cohen, its a riot! Updated JBWilliams, CT, thanks to Betsy. Totally updated Beartown, NY (still open) with lots of pics and more info.

Feb 7, 2003
Updated Buzzy's Bump, MA, thanks to Betsy. Added Southwick Ski Resort, MA. Updated Maple Ski Ridge, NY, Ladder Hill, MA, Bald Hill, NY, Sodom Mountain, MA, Beech Hill, NH. Removed Pine Ridge, MA from Open Areas to closed. Great new pic of Groton Hills, MA! Removed Hale Reservation, MA, was never an area.

Jan 27, 2003
Sorry for long delay. New pic of Copple Crown, NH, thanks to Dave Hilton (also fixed his email address in NELSAPPERs page). Great new pics of Brooklyn ski area, CT.

Jan 4, 2003
Added Farnam's in the Berkshires, MA, Petticoat Hill, MA, Conley's Hill, MA, Round Meadow Hill, MA, Longmeadow Tow, MA, Worthington Ski Tow, MA.

Jan 3, 2003
Added an aerial shot of Colebrook Tow, NH. Added Deerfield/Mt. Pawtuckaway, NH. New personal story on Williston, MA.

Jan 1, 2003
A new aerial shot of Mixville, CT. New personal story on Pioneer Valley, MA, Burrington Hill, VT. Added Colebrook Tow, NH. Totally updated Lunenburg Tow, MA.

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