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Dec 30, 2001
Added Hadwen Park, MA, Greenhill Park, MA.

Dec 12, 2001
Updated Stanton Slopes, NH. Added a link to Ski Nansen Jump info.

Dec 11, 2001
Totally updated Oak N Spruce, MA.

Dec 7, 2001
Updated Copple Crown, NH, Diamond Hill, RI, Kent School, CT, Holderness, NH, Westford Tow, MA, Page's Hill, NH. Took off Chapman Hill, VT as its not closed. Added Henry Park, CT.

Dec 5, 2001
Added Lakeview Ski Area, NH, Groveland, MA. Updated Brookline, NH, Berkshire Snow Basin, MA. The Ark, NH, Esquimo, NH, Cardigan Pastures, NH, Brickyard, NH, King's Mountain Slope, ME.

Dec 4, 2001
Updated Tilton School, NH, Cardigan Pastures, NH, Indian Head, MA, Bauneg Beg (2), Jug End, MA.

Nov 15, 2001
Added back a mailing list, many thanks to Chris Bradford for doing this!. Updated Russell Pond, NH, Snow Pond, NH, Cardigan Pastures, NH, The Elms, NH, Pinnacle, NH, Frontenac, NH, Hopedale Hill, MA, Russells Slope, NH, JB Williams, CT, Living Memorial Park, VT, Latchis, VT, Bauneg Beg 2, ME, Shelburne, NH, Richford, VT, Franklin Pierce, NH, Ark Tow, NH, Mad Hatter, CT, Esquimo Lodge, NH. Added a link to Winterheat. Added 4 Seasons Lodge, NH, Shaker Village, NH, Timber Trails Club, CT, The County Tow, ME. Added Belfast, ME thanks to Betsy.

Nov 11, 2001
Added Morse Farm, VT, Vermont College, VT Updated Hurricane Slope, ME, and added still open Bauneg Beg 2, ME,  thanks to Betsy.

Nov 7, 2001
Updated Dexter's Lodge, NH, Wooster School, CT, Mont Pontbriand, Quebec.

Nov 6, 2001
Added Oxford Hills High School, ME, Wooster School, CT. Added Bradford/Fairlee, VT, Kents Hill School, ME (still open). Added South Barre, VT, Buzzy's Bump/Wayland High School, thanks to Betsy. Updated Berkshire School, MA, Brownell, VT, Snow Pond/Kibby Slopes, NH, Teneriffe, NH, Hinesburg, VT, Butt's Hill, CT, Franklin Pierce College, NH, New Hampton, NH,UConn/Horse Barn Hill, CT, Sunrise, MA, Hebron, ME. Added a link to Ski Resort Service International.

Nov 5, 2001
Updated Altow, VT, thanks to Betsy. Added Woodford Tow, VT, Vermont Academy, VT, Sabin Pastures, VT, Tucker Hill Lodge, VT, Ray Thorpes, VT thanks to Betsy.

Nov 1, 2001
Updated Franklin Mtn, NH. Added Rockhouse Mtn Farm, NH, Cardigan Pastures, NH, Dexter's Ski Lodge, NH, Johnson Farm, NH, Claremont Country Club, NH, Gap Mountain Tow, NH, Contoocook, NHFranklin Pierce College, NH, Dublin Inn Tow, NH, Esquimo Lodge Tow, NH, Oak Hill in Temple, NH, Newport Beginner Slope, NH,

Oct 31, 2001
Updated Tyrol, NH, Hooksett Tow, NH, Lakeridge, CT. New cam pic. Added Suissevale, NH.

Oct 27, 2001
Added our first international lost area - Sari Pul which was 10 miles south of Kabul, Afghanistan!. Added Mont Vernon, NH, Walpole, NH, Twin Mountain, NH, Pin Ball Hill, NH, New Boston Skiway, NH, Milton Ski Area, NH, Teneriffe, NH, Drummer Hill, NH, Elm Tree Slope, NH. Updated Stearns Hill, NH.

Oct 26, 2001
Added Freedom, NH, Russell's Pond, NH, Snow Pond, NH.

Oct 25, 2001
Updated Ledges, NH, Orford, NH, Rattlesnake, CT, Bethany, CT, Westminster, CT. Updated Lakeridge, CT - its still open! Added Ballentine's Pasture Tow, NH, Catamount Mountain Slopes, NH, Huckin's Hill, NH, Bel'Air Lodge, NH, Epping Tow, NH, Pasquaney Inn Pastures, NH, Shugah Valley Tow, NH.

Oct 23, 2001
Updated Spruce Mtn, NH, Sunapee, NH, Horn Pond Mtn, MA, Hopedale Hill, MA, Westminster School, CT. Added Dynamite Hill, NY (still open). Added Rattlesnake, CT, Hooksett Rope Tow, NH, Merrimount Ski Area, NH.

Oct 18, 2001
Updated Brickyard, NH, Indian Mound, NH Catrock, MA, Frontenac, NH, Copple Crown, NH, 12th Street Tow, NH, Chickley Alp, MA, White Mountain Inn, NH, Diamond Hill, RI, Westboro, MA, Horn Pond Mtn, MA, Sunrise Ski Slope, ME, Brookline, NH, Pinnacle, NH, Pine Ridge, MA. Added Millers Falls Private Tow, MA, Stearns Hill, NH, Blue Hills Skiway, NH. Added Ned Bolle to the NELSAPPERS page, and updated Jim Clarke's bio. Added Lonesome Pine Trails (still open) to the Maine Page.

Oct 17, 2001
Did some reconfiguring of lost areas. Updated/added Cate's Hill, NH and 12th Street Tow, NH. Added Mt. Jasper Tow, NH, Judgment Ridge, VT, Hillside Ski Slopes, VT, Hinesburg Ski Association, VT. Updated Bijah, ME, Sunapee, NH, Shelburne Tow, NH, Forest Acres, MA, John Williams, CT, Russel's Slope, NH,

Oct 16, 2001
Added Breakneck Mountain, ME. Updated Westboro, MA, Cate's Hill, NH and Grandview Slope, NH.

Oct 9, 2001
Updated Hogback, VT thanks to Betsy. Updated Benjamin Hill, MA, Snow's Mtn, NH and Forest Acres, MA.

Sep 26, 2001
Updated Birchwood, NH, Diamond Hill, RI, Tyrol, NH, and totally updated Indian Mound, NH. Added 3 links to websites for ski areas no longer in operation: Tenney Mtn, Whaleback, and Temple - all in NH. Added a link to an article regarding Temple Mountain's closing, viewable here.

Sep 25, 2001
Added Leisure Lee, MA. Updated Camp Jewell, CT, Laurel Hill, CT, Hopedale Hill, MA, Mount Rowe/Alpine Ridge, NH, Brickyard, NH, Twin Tows, NH.

Sep 23, 2001
Updated Twin Tows, NH, Mailbox Hill, NH.

Sep 10, 2001
Added Twin Tows, NH, Sass' Pond, CT, Breakheart, MA. Updated Ski Valley, RI, Rocky Woods, MA, Alpine Ridge, NH

Sep 6, 2001
The first of a few lost Quebec areas, thanks to Betsy and Francois! Added Mont Pontbriand and Mont Sainte-Agathe. Updated Ski Valley, RI.

Sep 4, 2001
New Discussion Board thanks to WPSF and Chris Bradford! No more annoying popups!

Sep 2, 2001
Updated Pinnacle, VT, F. Duncan Case, VT, Page Hill, NH.

Aug 14, 2001
Updated New Haven, CT.

Aug 1, 2001
A whole bunch of Monadnock Region updates today: First ever pics of Sargent Camp, NH and Ark Ski Tow, NH. Updated Pinnacle, NH, Birchtoft, NH, and Tolman Pond, NH.

July 30, 2001
Updated Blanchard, MA.

July 17, 2001
Updated Birchwood, NH and Pioneer Valley Academy, MA thanks to Betsy.

Jun 18, 2001
After a semi-long delay, a few updates. New cam pic. Updated Hamilton, MA.

May 29, 2001
More info on Brickyard, NH and Mailbox Hill, NH.

May 27, 2001
Updated Brickyard, Mtn, NH, Stratham, NH, Oak Lee Lodge, NH. Added Bragdon Farm, NH.

May 24, 2001
Added Brickyard Mtn, NH, Jeffersonville Tow, VT.  New Cam Pic.

May 23, 2001
Added a link to Easton Ski Area, MA (link found by Chris Lundquist) on the MA Page, and added a link to Skiinghistory.org on the links page. Completed updated 3 Groton Areas - Groton Hills, Groton Country Club, and Skyfields, and updated/added Groton Private Tow. Updated Locust Lawn, MA

May 21, 2001
Totally updated J.B. Williams Park, CT.

May 17, 2001
Added a link to About.com's skiing guide.

May 11, 2001
Added Pinnacle, VT.

May 10, 2001
Added Pine Ridge, MA (an open area). Added Rutland Recreation, VTRichford Lions Club, VT, Orleans Ski Club, VT, Newbury, VT , Northfield Jaycees, VT, and Hartford School District, VT

May 9, 2001
Added F. Duncan Case, VT. Added Hammond Tow, NY.

May 8, 2001
Added Altow, VT, Lincoln Sports, VT, and Whirlaway, VT thanks to Betsy. Added Oak Grove School, ME and Chelsea Fish/Game, VT. Updated Chamberlin Birch, VT.

Apr 29, 2001
Added info on NELSAP's upcoming hike.

Apr 21, 2001
Added Holderness, NH, Pinnacle, NH, Stratham, NH, Raymond, NH. Updated Hurricane, ME, Chickley, MA, Wildwood Valley, VT, Wolf Run, VT, Tamarack Slope, NH, The Elms, NH, Gorham, ME, Camp Jewell, CT, Canton, CT, Mittersill, NH, Bijah Hill, ME.

Apr 19, 2001
Added J.B. Williams Park, CT, thanks to Betsy.

Apr 17, 2001
Added Locust Lawn, MA thanks to Betsy.

Apr 16, 2001
New NELSAP cam, and added Glidden's Tow, NH, thanks to Betsy. Added Hampstead Ski Club, NH. Updated Paucatuck, MA and totally updated Ski W (Stark's Hill), ME. Added a link to Eastern Interclub Ski League.

Apr 8, 2001
Corrected a link to Matt Schwoegler's homepage, and new pic on NELSAP cam.

Apr 5, 2001
Added Jackson Farm Tow, NH, Guptil's Pasture, NH, and Omer Giles Tow, NH. Updated Pinkham Notch, NH.

Apr 4, 2001
Added the NELSAP Cam, on the front page. Added Heidelburg Tow, NH, Oak Hill Twin Trails, NH. Updated Mailbox Hill, NH and Stanton Slopes, NH.

Apr 3, 2001
Added Paucatuck, MA (thanks to Betsy) and totally updated Mohawk, MA!.

Mar 31, 2001
Added Candy Mtn, NH (thanks to Betsy). Added a list of VT areas to come and the Lyndon Outing Club (still open), thanks to Betsy. Updated Poland Spring, ME with new pictures from Jon Rothenberg. Updated Westboro, MA. and Pine Top, VT.

Mar 28, 2001
Added Dundee, NH, Bent Family Tow, NH, Hiawatha, MA, Starks Hill, ME. Updated Mt. Tom, VT, Hurricane Slope, ME, Petersburg Pass, NY, Hopedale, MA, Camp Jewell, CT, Horn Pond Mtn, MA, Snake Hill, MA.

Mar 27, 2001
After countless requests and suggestions, I've finally added NY! Ski areas will be added to the NY page very slowly, perhaps 1 or 2 a month, with the main concentration continuing to be New England. Our first lost NY area is Petersburg Pass, with mega pictures!

Mar 26, 2001
Added Wilmington, MA - our 100th lost MA ski area!

Mar 15, 2001
Sorry for the long delay folks. Added Beech Hill, NH and Sargent Camp, NH thanks to Betsy McDonough. Added Winhall Snow Bowl, VT.

Feb 28, 2001
Added Larz Anderson Park, MA, Mailbox Hill, NH, Kenwood, MA and Mt. Tom, VT. Updated Wildwood Valley, VT, Chickley Alp, MA, Mt. Hood, MA, Jericho, MA, Copple Crown, NH, Mt. Tom, MA, Rowley, MA, Hamilton, MA Totally updated Horn Pond Mountain,  MA and Blanchard, MA. Added a link to Pieces of Vermont and VT Northeast Kingdom Guide on the Links page.

Feb 25, 2001
Finished updating NELSAP's CO trip. Updated Charlie Abel Ski Slope, MA. Updated Chronicle Page.

Feb 17-23 2001
Check out NELSAP's trip Colorado...almost in real time!.

Feb 12, 2001
Added Braintree, MA.

Feb 5, 2001
Added Kent School, CT and Butt's Hill, CT. Updated Camp Jewell, CT.

Feb 4, 2001
Added New Haven, CT and Cranwell, MA. Updated Pinnacle, ME, Silver Hills, ME, Brookline, NH.

Feb 1, 2001
Added our first slideshow, a profile of an open area that captures the essence of skiing. Current feature is Ski Hickory, NY.

Jan 27, 2001
Added a link to Shawnee Peak and Big Creek Ski Area, on the links page. Added Ladder Hill, MA. Added our 2001 Trivia Contest.

Jan 23, 2001
Added a link on the links page to Alpine Ski Tuning, Berlin NH history, and to Marc Hurwitz. Added Holland Farms, MA and Indian Meadow, CT. Removed Sunrise Hill, MA from the lost list - its open!

Jan 20, 2001
Updated Timber Ridge, VT, Ossipee Mtn, NH, Dublin School, NH, Birchwood, NH, Benjamin Hill, MA, Chamberlin Birch, VT, Spicket Hill, NH. Added a link on the links page to Dave's Killington Page.

Jan 19, 2001
Updated Snake Hill, MA, Hospital Hill, MA, and Snow Hill, MA, as well as added Brownell Mountain, VT.

Jan 2, 2001
Added Hopedale, MA and Jake's Hill, NH. Also updated Mt. Agassiz, NH and Prospect, VT.

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