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Dec 17, 2000
Added Canterbury Tow, NH.

Dec 16, 2000
Added new information Mittersill, NH, and New London Slopes, NH. Added Berkshire School, MA.

Dec 15, 2000
Added new information on Flagg Hill, MA and Snow Hill, MA.

Dec 13, 2000
Added new information on Happyland, MA, Chickley Alp, MA, Northview, CT. Added Rocky Woods, MA, Scottie's, ME, Farr's Hill, MA.

Dec 12, 2000
Added new information on Timber Ridge, VT, Underhill, VT, Flagg Hill, MA, Mountain Top Inn, VT, Hemlock Hill, MA, Northmen, ME, Neutaconkanut Hill, RI. Diamond Hill, RI, Peacham Slopes, VT.

Dec 6, 2000
Added new information on Sugar Bush, VT, Farr's Hill, VT, Chamberlin Birch, VT, and Pine Top, VT.

Nov 14, 2000
Added Fitzwilliam, NH, tons of pictures! Updated About the Author.

Nov 10, 2000
Lots of updates today. Totally updated, Tyrol, NH! Added Sunny Slopes, NH, Sanbornton Tow, Tilton School, NH, and Twin Town Inn, NH. Updated Steele Hill, NH, Mount Grace, MA, Birchwood, NH, Elms Hotel, NH, Mount Rowe, NH, Warner, NH.

Nov 2, 2000
Added a link to Hemlock-Hill, MA, a lost ski area page built by the family that ran it!.

Oct 31, 2000
Added a link to Ski Blandford, MA, on the links page.

Oct 14, 2000
Added Farr's Hill, VT, thanks to info from Betsy McDonough.

Oct 10, 2000
Updated Poland Spring, ME, thanks to info from Chris Bradford, and Snow Mountain, ME and Pine Haven, ME thanks to info from Brian O'Malley.

Oct 6, 2000
Added Devil's Den, ME, thanks to info from Chris Bradford.

Oct 4, 2000
NELSAP researcher Betsy McDonough takes a look at some lost Colorado ski areas here.

Oct 3, 2000
Connecticut update day! Updated Northview Slope, CT, Ohoho, CT, Canton, CT, Simsbury, CT. Added Mt. Nebo, CT ,Rockville Ski Club, CT Silvermine, CT, and Page Park, CT.

Sep 18, 2000
Updated Colby College, Maine with a great overhead view of the mountain. 

Sep 17, 2000
Added Ledges Ski Area, NH

Sep 14, 2000
Added the first annual picnic page! Added New Hampton, NH.

Aug 31, 2000
Added new link to Sno Country on the links page.

Aug 18, 2000
Added new links and news about Arrowhead, NH's website, thanks to Spencer Allen.

Aug 10, 2000
Added new area, Hospital Hill, Fitchburg, MA, Frey, MA, Boylston, MA. Updated Eagle Hill, MA.

Aug 9, 2000
Added new area, Family Hill, MA, thanks to info from John Turchi and Kevin Thomas. Added Mt. Hermon School, MA , Fay School, MA, Pioneer Valley Acdaemy, MA and Eagle Hill School, MA. Updated Brooks School, MA.

Aug 3, 2000
Added new information on Mt. Hood, MA thanks to Tom Hancock. Added new Terraserver pic of Hamilton, MA thanks to Betsy McDonough.

July 27, 2000
Added new Terraserver Pic of Mt. Agassiz, NH.  Totally updated Moose Hill, MA.

July 18, 2000
Totally updated Jockey Cap, Maine, with new information from the Fryeburg Historical Society. Removed Pinnacle, ME from the lost list as its still open!

July 10, 2000
Added new photos of Peacham Slopes and Underhill, both in VT, from Andy Dufresne.

July 9, 2000
Totally updated Dublin School, thanks to new information from Cornelia Throssel!

July 5, 2000
Added trail map of Mount Rowe/Alpine Ridge, NH, thanks to Brian O'Malley!

July 4, 2000
Added Monson Academy, MA. and Wilbraham Academy, MA.

July 3, 2000
A major retrofit of Sawmill Hill, MA, thanks to tons of info from Nan Williams and Charles Goodwin.

June 16, 2000
First update of NELSAP from New York! One new picture of Sheep Hill, MA.

May 9, 2000
Added a new aerial shot of Shelburne, NH., new image on Pinkham Notch, NH and Brookline, NH.. Totally updated Tyrol, NH. and Flagg Hill, MA.

May 8, 2000
Added Forest Acres, MA,Windsor Lake, MA, Sodom Mountain Resort, Updated Jericho, MA. and totally updated Greylock Glen, MA.

May 6, 2000
Added several new pics to Ski History, including a great trail map of Saddleback from Brian O'Malley. Added a new picture of Bedford Country Club, MA., Eastover, MA Updated Hartwell Hill, MA with lots of new pics. Updated Mt. Grace, MA with a Terraserver pic. Updated Hidden Valley, MA ,Pages Hill, Chalet Hill, MASnow Hill, MA, Private Property Keep Out No Trespassing, MA, and Methuen, MA

May 2, 2000
Added new pic to Hemlock Hill, MA.

April 30, 2000
Totally updated Fullerton Inn and Bellows Falls Rec Area, and added Chester, VT.

April 24, 2000
Totally updated Eastover Ski Area, Lenox, MA thanks to a report from Betsy McDonough.

April 21, 2000
Added a Terraserver pic of Timber Ridge.

April 20, 2000
Totally updated Hemlock Hill, MA thanks to info from the Sasur family. Check it out, new pic and brochure info.

March 28, 2000
Added Pine Acres Campground, MA. ,Williston Academy, MA., Rutland Hill, MA.

March 26, 2000
Totally updated Snow Valley, VT, making the page much quicker to load. I also added a new NELSAP feature: A photo gallery. Please let me know what you think of this.

March 25, 2000
Added Big Red, MA., Leicester, MA, Eastover Resort, MA, new photo of Pinkham Notch Ski Lift.

March 23, 2000
Added Snow Mountain, ME, including an aerial shot. Removed Veteran's Memorial, NH, as its still open! Updated Somers, CT.

March 22, 2000
Added Bethany, Mixville, Camp Jewell, Uconn Storrs, Woodstock , Meriden Tow, Northview Ski Slope, all in CT! Updated Mt. Hope in CT.

March 20, 2000
Updated Mount Grace, MA with a new story from Dana Dorsett! Updated Bedford Country Club, MA. Added Juniper Hill, MA! Moved Osceola Park,MA from closed to open, thanks to research and photos by Betsy McDonough Updated Snow Hill, MA.

Feb. 29, 2000
Added Alexander-Carr Park, NH.

Feb. 25, 2000
Added Sunrise Ski Slope, MA, a NELSAP exclusive documentary of a closed area thats still skiable!

Feb. 24, 2000
Updated Big Bear, NH with several new pictures and a trail map. Updated Mad Hatter, CT. Updated Ossipee Mtn, NH, with new trail map and photo. Added Boston Indoor Ski School, MA, an INDOOR ski area! Updated High Pond, VT, with a 1953 trail map and poma photo.

Feb. 22, 2000
Updated Berkshire Snow Basin, MA with lots of new photos and a brochure. Updated Pheasant Run, MA with two new images. Updated Jericho, MA.

Feb. 21, 2000
Updated Furnace Brook/Heavenly Hill, Quincy, MA thanks to info from the New England Ski Museum.

Feb. 11, 2000
Updated Ohoho Ski Area, CT, thanks to new info from Jon Rothenberg! Also added a new section called Support NELSAP. Here, learn about some programs that can help support this fun, historical, and educational website.

Feb. 8, 2000
Added and updated three areas in Waterbury,VT: Village Area, Perry Hill, and Pinnacle Park Skiland

Feb. 6, 2000
New photos for Snow's Mountain, NH. Added Mohawk Trail Skiers Project, MA., Westminster School, CT, Clear Hill, MA., Westboro Rec. Dept, MA, Neutaconkanut Hill, RI, Sea View, MA, Hemlock Hill, MA.  Updated Chickley Alp (again)! Updated Brookline, NH., Snake Hill, MA., Rochester Tow, VT., Webster Hill, VT., Hamilton, MA., Simsbury, CT. Added many new photos to the Ski History page.

Feb. 3, 2000
Added Town and Country Motor Lodge, Stowe, VT.

Feb. 1, 2000
Updated Chickley Alp, MA with tons of new photos.

Jan. 31, 2000
Updated Intervale, NH.

Jan. 26, 2000
Added Flagg Hill and Horn Pond Mountain/Mt. Towanda, MA.

Jan. 25, 2000
Added Jericho Hill, MA and updated Moose Hill, MA.

Jan. 22, 2000
Added Boxboro Hills, MA. Tons of photos!

Jan. 21, 2000
Added two new areas: Kimball Union School and Hanover Country Club, in NH, thanks to info from Rodney Morgan. Added Methuen/Merrimack Valley, MA, thanks to info from The Colorado Skier. Added Peacham Slopes, VT. Added John and Linda Osgood's Bio to the NELSAPPERS page! Added a link to Deane Smith's webpage and Alpinezone.com.

Jan. 18, 2000
Totally updated Monteau, NH and separated out Woodsville/Silver Fox Outing Club as it was different from Monteau.

Jan. 14, 2000
Updated Wolf Run, VT, thanks to new picture from Andy Dufresne. Updated several others as well.

Jan. 12, 2000
Added Mt. Tom, MA, thanks to an article by Jeremy Clark! Lots of neat photos so be sure to check it out. Added new java options on the front page and on the Lost MA page as a test.

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