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Dec 31, 2002
A few updates (sorry been crazy with a mixed up schedule last few weeks). New cam pic. Updated Mount Rowe/Alpine Ridge, NH with three great new pics thanks to Don Rudolph. Added a link to Lost Colorado ski areas. Fixed link to Brodie's closing on MA page thanks to Todd. Added Skidmore College, NY.

Dec 16, 2002
New cam pic. Added Gunset Ski Bowl, NY. Updated Merton's Hill, NY, Timber Ridge, VT, Garrison Hill, NH.

Dec 12, 2002
Added a link on front page to lost Washington state areas, a great site by Jack Leeper.

Dec 6, 2002
New picture of Oxbow, VT, thanks to Betsy. Added Dick's Tow and Bart's Tow, VT.

Dec 1, 2002
Updated Prospect Hill, MA. yet again with an awesome overhead pic and ski patch. Added Maine Top ski area, thanks to Todd Patenaude, who did a fantastic write up. Added Hi Point Tow, ME. New personal story on Ohoho, CT.

Nov 25, 2002
New cam pic.

Nov 19, 2002
Updated Prospect Hill, MA. again as we found out it operated as early as the late 1940's.

Nov 18, 2002
Totally updated Prospect Hill, MA.

Nov 15, 2002
Updated Page's Hill, MA, Brickyard, NH, Clear Hill, MA, Lewisboro, NY, Mountain Ten, NY, Happyland, MA, Berkshire Snow Basin, MA, Snow's Mountain, NH, Woody Glen, NH, Hamilton, MA, Bonnyvale, VT, Simsbury Ski Club, CT, Pine Haven, ME, Larz Anderson, MA, Poland Spring, ME, Bedford, MA, Happy Valley, MA. Added Mt. Rudolph, NH, thanks to Laurie. Added Bunham Valley Ski Tow, VT. and Hale Reservation, MA.

Nov 13, 2002
New pic of Loring AFB, ME. Added our first Alberta area, Pigeon Mountain, thanks to Betsy. Updated Eastport Ski Area, Maine.

Nov 12, 2002
Great new pic on Twin Tows, NH, thanks to Dave Brooks. Totally updated Amherst Ski Club, NH. Totally updated Highpoint, NY.

Nov 11, 2002
Added Eastport Area, Maine.

Nov 8, 2002
Updated Hebron Academy, ME with a new overhead pic and personal story.

Nov 1, 2002
Added Dave Wright's Ski Area, MA. Added Beartown, NY, a small still operating area. New personal story on Petersburg Pass, NY, Bell, ME, Juniper, MA, Ark, NH, Pinehaven, ME,

Oct 21, 2002
Some updates courtesy Betsy - Commomwealth, MABrownell, VT, and added Topsfield Ski Club, MA.

Oct 18, 2002
Totally updated Bell's Slope, ME. New ticket image of Sweatt Hill, MA. New story on Raymond, NH. Added a new section on our links called "Other Lost Sites" - sites with similar themes of preserving elements of lost Americana like ours. New story on Kopola's Tow, MA, Rutland Ski Area, MA, Berkshire Snow Basin, MA, Tilton School, NH. New story on Mailbox Hill, NH. Updated Stone Mtn, NY. Added Baldpate Ski Club, NY.

Oct 17, 2002
Updated Frey's, MA.

Oct 16, 2002
Lots of new pictures of Gap Mtn, NH thanks to Laurie.

Oct 8, 2002
Totally updated Lewisboro Tow, NY. Added a link to Skiing Heritage - ISHA on the front page. Updated Timber Trails, CT with a new link. New Terrasever pic and story on Copple Crown, NH. New story on Ossipee Mtn, NH.

Sep 29, 2002
New picture of Samoset Country Club, VT thanks to John and Linda Osgood.

Sep 26, 2002
New personal story on Burrington Hill, VT. Added Samoset Country Club, VT thanks to John and Linda Osgood.

Sep 18, 2002
New personal story on Sweatt Hill, MA, Fay School, MA, Kenwood, MA, Mountain Ten, NY. New picture on Loring AFB, ME

Sep 1, 2002
Added Lewisboro, NY. New personal story on Twin Tows, NH. Added a link to North Country School, NY, a private school's slope still in operation. Added Jacob's Ladder, MA, Bernards in the Notch, MA, Sheep Pasture, MA, Abbey Hill, MA, Sunnyside Ranch, MA, Wheeler Hill, MA, Willard Slopes, MA. Added a link to Ski Ward, MA.

Aug 28, 2002
Added Longley Hill, MA (exact name unknown).

Aug 27, 2002
Updated Frey, MA. Added Tom Chase's Tow, MA and Frank Kilmer's Tow, MA thanks to George Abbott. Updated Klein Innsbruck, MA, Mt. Tom, VT, Family Hill, MA, Birchtoft, NH, Sea View, MA, with new memories.

Aug 26, 2002
Added Burrington Hill, VT, with lots of great pictures!

Aug 16, 2002
Updated Groton Hills, MA.

Aug 14, 2002
Totally updated Wildwood, MA with lots of new pictures. Added Bond Mountain, ME, thanks to info from Tim Carpenter. Added Turner's Rope Tow, VT, thanks to info from Gary Allen. Totally updated Barre Skyline, VT, with lots of pictures.

Aug 10, 2002
We're pleased to announce that Crotched Mountain, NH is reopening! We'll be posting all the details here.

Jul 19, 2002
New trail map pic of Burnt Meadow Mtn ,ME, thanks to Chris, as well as terraserver pic. New cam pic of NELSAP enthusiast Jim Clarke in Peru, July, 2002! Added Riggity Alps, MA, thanks to Laurie. Totally updated Sabin's Pasture, VT, thanks to Betsy. Added Christian Hill, MA, thanks to Laurie's research. Totally updated Ohoho, CT, with lots of new pics and personal stories. Added Nichols Junior College, MA. Totally updated Ski-W, Maine, with new pics and history. Added Barton Valley View, VT, Bennington Rotary, VT.

Jul 18, 2002
Totally updated Eagle Hill, MA, thanks to Laurie.

Jul 09, 2002
New link to VT Ski Museum on front page.

Jul 3, 2002
Sorry for the long delay in updates, been busy with summers stuff. Added Bretwood, NH thanks to Laurie. New Cam pic. Totally updated Summit Tow, Jefferson, MA, thanks to Laurie and Betsy. Updated Moosehill, MA, with info from the owners.

Jun 17, 2002
Updated Forest Hills, NH, Sweatt Hill, MA.

May 30, 2002
Updated Wildwood, MA.

May 29, 2002
New overhead view of Hurley Hill, VT, Portland-Lincoln PTA, VT, Lyndon State College, VT. Updated Wildwood Valley, VT. New picture at Mittersill, NH.

May 21, 2002
New pictures of Furnace Brook, MA, thanks to Chris Lundquist. Totally updated Rocky Woods, MA. Totally updated Snow Pond, NH with tons of pictures! Added Hoosac School, NY.

May 13, 2002
Lots of new pictures of Shaker Village, NH (first in series of updates from lost ski area visits on May 10th/12th). Updated Mayhew Turnpike, NH. Added a picture of Pasquaney Inn Pastures lost area. Added Loring AFB, ME.

May 7, 2002
Added Tippi Canoe, NY. Added Summit Ski Tow, MA, thanks to research from Laurie.

May 6, 2002
Added Ski Land, NY (lots of good stuff here). Added Mayhew Turnpike (rope tow area in Bristol, NH). New memory of Brownell, VT and Bragdon Farm, NH. Updated Hanover Country Club with new topo map and memories, thanks to Betsy. Added Thatcher Park, NY (small likely rope tow area).

May 2, 2002
Added Strawberry Hill, MA, thanks to research from Laurie. Added Ferncroft Valley, MA. New picture added at Alexander-Carr Park, NH. Did some house cleaning and added a few links on our links page. Several new pictures of Page's Hill, MA. New pictures of Little Gore, NY. New personal stories on Bethpage, NY and Highpoint, NY. New personal story on Klein Innsbruck, MA. New personal story of Williams College, MA.

May 1, 2002
Totally updated Webster's Hill, VT.

Apr 24, 2002
Lots of new pictures of Oak N Spruce, MA! Added 5 areas in NYC and Long Island: Bald Hill, Queens, Oyster Bay, High Point, and Bethpage.

Apr 23, 2002
Totally updated Merton's Hill,NY. Updated Suissevale, NH, Ossipee Mtn, NH, Groveland, MA (new pics).

Apr 22, 2002
Totally updated Sea View, MA.

Apr 19, 2002
Updated Wendy's Slope, NH, Shaker, NH.

Apr 17, 2002
Added pictures and info on our trip to Petersburg Pass.

Apr 8, 2002
Added information on NELSAP trip to Petersburg Pass, NY/MA on Apr 13.

Apr 5, 2002
Totally updated Frontenac (The Original) and Wendy's/Frontenac/Lynx Creek, NH. Totally updated Woody Glen with lots of new pics! Added pictures of Lisbon Tow, Kancamagus, and Blackwater. Added North Creek, NY (still open). Added Van Cortland Park, NY. New pics of Garrison Hill, NH. Updated New Hampton, NH with an overhead pic. Totally updated Asnebumskit, MA with pics from Laurie.

Apr 3, 2002
Added Snowy Acres, NY, with pics. Added Darrow's Farm Slope, NY.

Apr 2, 2002
Added Mitch's Hockanum Ski Ranch, MA, thanks to research from Chris Dixon.

Mar 24, 2002
Updated Ossipee Mtn, NH, Abenaki, NH, Rockhouse Mountain Farm, NH, and Brickyard, NH with new overhead pics. Added Laurie P to NELSAPPER list.

Mar 20, 2002
New pictures of Chickley Alp, MA and Mohawk, MA thanks to Joshua B.. Added Abenaki Ski Slope, NH (still open) thanks to Betsy.

Mar 19, 2002
Updated Kretcho's Tow, CT. Updated Northview, CT and Boston Indoor Ski School, MA, thanks to Betsy. Totally updated Stanton Slopes, NH. Added Ski 4th! and Lively Tow, MA - lots of pics! Added Stafford Ski Club, CT.

Mar 18, 2002
New pictures of Rutland Hill, MA.

Mar 16 and 17, 2002
Added Hathaway's, ME, Kopola's Tow (Mt. Asnebumskit), MA, Garden of Eden Golf Course, MA, Eaglebrook Part 1, MA, Deerfield Academy, MA, Kretcho's Tow, CT, Berkshire Christian Academy, MA.. Updated Rutland Hill, MA, Cranwell, MA, Spruce Mt, NH, Hooksett, NH, Totally updated Eaglebrook Part 2, MA. Combined Pinkham Notch, NH and Omer Giles, NH, as they are same area. Added a link to Polar Peak on the NY page.

Mar 14, 2002
New pictures of Locke Lake Colony, NH.

Mar 7, 2002
Updated Larz-Anderson Park, MA and Judgment Ridge, VT (thanks to Betsy).

Mar 5, 2002
Totally updated Family Hill, MA. Updated Hartwell Hill, MA with new picture. Updated Hadwen Park, MA. Added Ware, MA.

Mar 4, 2002
Added Whittier Ski Slope (Little Whittier), NH, Wickham, CT. Updated Bolyston, MA, Sky-Hy, ME, Chickley Alp, MA, New Haven, CT. Totally updated Boston Hill, MA.

Mar 3, 2002
Updated Suissevale, NH. Added Merton's Hill, NY,  Updated Franklin Pierce, NH.

Mar 2, 2002
Totally updated Berkshire School, MA. Updated Chickley Alp, MA, Henry Park, CT, Jericho, MA, Franklin Pierce, NH. Added Mountain Ten, NY.

Feb 27, 2002
Added South Burlington Tow, VT, Seminary Hill, MA, Lightning Hill, NY Updated Sweatt Hill, MA, Hospital Hill, MA, Mont Sainte Agathe, Quebec.

Feb 26, 2002
New pic of Russells Pond, NH.

Feb 25, 2002
A major new "lost" area is added: Klein Innsbruck, MA.

Feb 24, 2002
Added Maple Ridge, NY, with lots of pics! Added Kolan Family Tow, NY. Added Williams College, MA and Sweatt Hill, MA. Totally updated Snow White, MA. Updated Northfield Jaycess, VT.

Feb 20, 2002
Added Locke Lake Colony, NH and updated Rutland Recreation, VT (thanks to Betsy). Added Wildwood, MA. Totally updated Pine Acres, MA, thanks to research from Laurie.

Feb 19, 2002
Added Hudson, NH, Bob Johnson Indoor Ski School, MA and Fairchild Park, CT (thanks to Betsy). Updated Gap Mtn, NH, Henry Park, CT, Iron Mtn House, NH, Hospital Hill, MA, Benjamin Hill, MA. Removed Sabin Pastures, VT, its the same as Vermont College.

Feb 18, 2002
Updated Twin Tows, NH.

Feb 16, 2002
Added Nolan's Notch, MA. thanks to Laurie. Added White River Junction Tow, VT (thanks to Betsy).

Feb 11, 2002
Updated Page Park, CT, Burnt Meadow Mtn, ME, Holderness, NHGreen Mountain College, VT, Hurricane Slope, ME, Cardigan, NH, Ballentine's Pasture, NH, Indianhead, MA. Added Lunenburg Tow, MA. Removed Clancy Mt from closed NH areas and moved it to ones still in operation.

Feb 10, 2002
Updated Gorham Kiwanis, ME, Hospital Hill, MA, Birchwood, NH, Happy Valley, MA, Burnt Meadow Mtn, ME, Iron Mountain House, NH (lots of new stuff here). 

Feb 06, 2002
Added Stone Mtn, NY - lots of pics. Broke up this page by year to make it a smaller file.

Feb 05, 2002
Totally updated Black Cat, ME with lots of pics! Totally updated Uncanoonuc Mountain, NH.

Feb 02, 2002
Updated Glidden Tow, NH, Happy Valley, MA, Brandy Brow, MA, Kenwood, MA, Sargent Camp, NH, Teneriffe, NH, Oak N Spruce, MA, Larz Anderson Park, MA, Camp Jewell, CT, Pinnacle, NH, Sugar Bush, VT. Added Derryfield Park, NH, Derryfield Golf Club, NH, Thunderhead, MA, Warner Ski Area Part 2, Kimball's Hill, ME, Pinnacle (Canaan, NH) and Cardigan Mountain School, NH. Added a "How to Contribute" page. Added Tom Eastman's article on NELSAP and North Conway ski history. Added a link to a new website on lost German ski areas!

Feb 01, 2002
Updated Prospect Mtn, VT, The Elms, NH. Added Red Jacket, NY (tons of pics!)

Jan 30, 2002
Updated Morse Farm, VT. Added Weathersfield Ski Club, CT, thanks to Betsy.

Jan 21-24, 2002
Daily updates from Utah!

Jan 19, 2002
Updated Bedford, MA, Shaker Village, NH, Tinker Hill, MA, Pinnacle, NH, Monson Academy, MA, Pasquaney Inn, NH, Hawthorne College, NH, Catrock, MA, Wilimington, MA, Prospect, VT, Hampstead, NH, Franklin Pierce College, NH. Added Adams Farm, NH.

Jan 11, 2002
Added Black Cat, ME, Forest Hills, NH, Wycoff Country Club, MA, Tinker Hill, MA, Green Mountain College, VT. Updated Claremont Country Club, NH, Holderness, NH, Skyhy, ME, Grandview, NH, Camp Jewel, CT Mt. Eustis, NH, Brownell, VT, Chickley Alp, MA, Hampstead, NH, Mount Tom, MA, Mount Whittier, NH, Hurricane Slope, ME, Ladder Hill, MA, Benjamin Hill, MA, Paucatuck, MA, Williston, MA.

Jan 10, 2002
Updated Vermont Academy, VT, Timber Ridge, VT, Alexander-Carr Park, NH, Leisure Lee, MA, Pinnacle, NH, Mittersill, NH, Tolman Pond, NH. Added Remick Park, NH, Joy Farm Hill, NH, Ski-Horse, ME. Added a link to Skier's Journal.

Jan 9, 2002
New pics of Birchwood, NH. Updated, Raymond, NH, Mt. Tom, VT. Added Corey Hill, NY, Hawthorne College, NH.

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